Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finally! Success!

Finally! A craigslist visitor gets me off.  Funny thing is: we were both out-of-towners... and had flown in from the same home airport!

I was out of town for work.  Didn't have any work obligations in the afternoon so went searching Craigslist for some action.  I was in the downtown district, full of hotels serving the convention center and neighboring tourist attractions.  Honestly, I wasn't even sure which ad I had answered.  I just knew he was into oral based off of the subject line.  I actually didn't have high expectations since I answered his ad in the morning and told him I wouldn't be free until the afternoon. He said that was fine and to check in when I'm free.

I did. He didn't respond right away, so I had already moved on and fired up Grindr. There was a latino guy in the neighborhood that was all over me, but when it came time to seal the deal, he hesitated. I was blunt. I called him out on stalling. Turned out, he was hesitating because he "wasn't a small guy". It was then time for me to hesitate. How do I let him know that beefier guys turn me on? Sure. Love a worked out guy, but the meaty boys seem to be the ones that can take a pounding without complaining. Besides, I have some warped body image myself and scrawnier twink types just brings up bad memories.

It took some work, but after a bit of coaxing I was in his bed working on nipples that were wired to his dick (and you guys know I love niple play). He was tight as hell, but I still managed to work my cock inside him with just spit as lube. Just a few minutes into it and he was already at the point of exploding. I just pumped faster as he lost his load with his legs in the air, toes curling from the strength of the orgasm.

Quick rinse in his shower and, the slut that I am, I was barely out the door when I checked my email. The out-of-towner hotel guy replied. Two emails back and forth while I'm in the other guy's parking lot and I was on my way.

Like I mentioned, I barely remember the ad that he placed, but I was still chubbed up from the previous fuck and was aching to get back into a warm, moist channel.  Sure, he was probably just into oral, but what the fuck. Why not ask? Texting and driving, swerving in traffic in a town I barely knew, I got to his hotel armed with the knowledge that we're both tops.

Beggars can't be choosers. I really needed to get off since work had me going non-stop for awhile and I was backed up with a six-day load.

Not knowing what to expect, he totally blew me away when he answered the door. I have a habit of thinking I'm taller than I am, so he's probably my height, but he had about twenty pounds of muscle on me.  Greeting me with a firm handshake and a warm, friendly smile, I faltered a bit in response. A bit overwhelmed by the confidence and the masculinity he oozed just from saying hello.

By the time I got through the threshold, he pulled me in close and went in for a deep kiss. No question that this guy knew what he wanted and didn't have any problem leading his lover. I had planned on trying to flip him, but my resolve faltered.  I matched him in passion though. As our lips locked, I pulled him close and hugged him hard. The palm of my hand reached under his shirt, fingers spread as to make up for the small surface area my puny hands made in covering his expansive, muscular back. My other hand reached up and joined, playfully exploring every inch of his back as I pulled him in, melting into each other with the kiss.

His kiss was equally passionate and responsive. Push and pull, lead and follow, back and forth. Whenever I'd exhaust myself from my efforts, he took over and vice versa. I pulled his shirt off him; he pulled mine off. He reached for my fly and I reached for his.  His thick slab of meat, when freed from his undies, pulsed against me impressively.

I started to lead him to the bed while we were still making out.  He broke the kiss for a second to smile, the condescending smile of a guy that thought it was cute having a puppy jumping around at your ankles yipping, like the pup actually stood a chance at being the alpha. But he let me push him back onto the bed.

As a test, I tried to kick his knees apart, but he had them firmly planted where they were.

That's when I saw his eraser tipped nips. Fuck, they just called out to be nibbled on. I started to play with them, gradually working up the pressure and I felt his hard cock pulse even harder against me. Today was my lucky day. Two guys with wired nips! With my fingers interlocked with his over his shoulders, I threw my weight on him and settled in for a long bout of nipple play. Gasps and sighs, his body shuddered and convulsed with both pleasure and pain. I worked them to such a sensitivity that just my hot breath would send him into convulsions. The vibrations in the air as I spoke to him, millimeters away from his nipples made him cry out and crest goose bumps across his chest in a gentle wave.

Another test of his knees and I kicked them apart easily. I grabbed them slightly and they raised with me as I moved up to make out some more.

Grinding against him, we made out for awhile and he flipped me onto my back. The cross dangling from his chain was getting in the way, so he slid it around and threw it to his back. Sliding down, his lips made contact with my cock and I nearly screamed. The intensity of our session surprised me and my aching cock was hypersensitive. He already had my cock drooling and I was loving the way he lapped it up, but I had other plans. I flipped us back around and worked on his knob. Fuck, it was a nice fuck stick. Thick like the rest of him and uncut. So hard that it was practically fully unsheathed. I still liked working my tongue under his skin though. My stubble on his balls made him gasp, so I worked myself lower and lapped at his sack. Grabbing my head involuntarily, he pushed my down and I worked even lower and lapped as his taint. I was pretty sure I had him now.  Letting my drool slide down into his crack, I worked it in with a finger. Spat on his hole, spat in my hand. Stroked my cock to a slimey wetness and looked down at him. He was ready. I worked the tip of the head in and his eyes rolled. God, he was tight. Tighter than a ziploc bag fused shut.

He started to pull away from me and I thought he was trying to call it off, but instead, he reached for a bottle of poppers hidden in the darkness. Quick deep hits. A pause for them to take effect. And I pushed in steadily when I felt him flower open. My cock felt all kinds of right sheathed in his hole. It was a nice, leisurely fuck while we made out and I found a position that he responded to. When I started to hone in, he broke the silence.

"Lemme get a condom."

For a split second, I toyed with the idea of letting him know that I hadn't shot my load in days and he was doing all sorts of magic to make my cock leak like crazy, so he was probably already absorbing my fluids and a bit of me was probably already coursing through his veins, but I owed it to him to not let him freak out afterwards. He was making me feel all sorts of good. He had already reached over and unwrapped a rubber while these thoughts shot through my head, so I pulled out and suited up before plunging back in.

I found my rhythm when he asked, "Are you close?"

"Fuck yeah, I can shoot at any time."

That's all he needed to hear. He let go and stopped from keeping his load at bay. A steady jerk of his cock and then I started to hear his breathing change. His eyes furrowed. His eyes half-closed. And I gave myself permission to let it all go. The interplay back and forth never stopped and the crescendo was the same. I could almost see him build up to a powerful orgasm. It was like watching a stretched rubberband in slow-motion, from the tension in his jaw to the the flexed calf over my shoulder, I could almost see his whole body contract to unleashed the power behind his nuts as he released his first shot across his stomach. All that energy, tightening around my cock made me shoot and I slammed it in hard and deep, unloading hard. We were both epileptic messes twitching and tightening around each other as the rare beauty of cumming at the same time cascaded around us. It felt like minutes, but merely lasted a couple seconds. And at then end I collapsed hard.

We both started to chuckle at the same time. It's all you can do when it's that good.

I pulled out and was still semi-hard. The reservoir completely full and heavy and a good amount of cum swimming up my length. For a guy used to masturbating every day or every other day, it was kinda neat to see a porn star load in the spent condom.

A bit of chit chat afterward and that's when I found out that we're both from LA and here on business. Funny how it took travels to another town to meet him...  and to finally end my streak of not shooting with a Craigslist visitor!


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Congrats on your success! :-P

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