Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hotel visitors (4)

"You think two swipes of the tongue is gonna give you access to my ass?"

Yeah, I kinda did.

He was a business executive in town for a conference and had posted an ad on craigslist looking for some oral action and maybe more.  He was pretty blunt and up front about everything.  He's older, stocky.  Turned out to be an Italian guy from New York.

He was a really put together kind of guy.  A great kisser.

After a bit, he sucked me for awhile and was fan-fucking-tastic.  Just the right amount of suction.  No teeth.  Worked it to the back of his throat and made me feel good.  When he had his fill, he asked, "So you wanna suck me some?"

Ha!  Kind of the stereotypical blunt, New Yorker-type straight-forwardness.

"We'll see."

We made out some more and I played with his cock, his balls, his taint, and finally his hole.  He sighed deeply when I touched his pucker.  I knew what he wanted.  That's when I worked myself lower and lapped as his cock a couple of times and then worked my tongue lower to his balls and his hole.

That's when he said it.  I knew differently, though.  As much as he was putting up some macho front, he wanted his hole taken.

I chuckled a bit and came back up to make out some more.  Settling between his legs, they slowly raised higher and higher as I tried to consume him.  Nuzzle his neck, nibble at his ear... My cock was drooling and he could feel it.

"Damn you precum a lot."

Spat on the palm of my hand and worked it onto the tip of my cock before settling it back between his legs.  I pointed it and worked the head in.  Another sigh.  Then his hole relaxed and let me in another inch before squeezing tight.  Then relaxed and another inch.  When I bottomed out, he grabbed me and pulled me forward.

It was a slow steady fuck while I looked into his eyes.  He was rock hard and I held it, but he tried to knock my hand off.  He was really close already.

"Just don't cum in me."

I nodded.  Forehead against forehead I rocked it into him until he shot his load.  It was nice feeling his hole contract around my cock as he shot.  And he shot hard.

"Fuck, that was intense.  Not what I expected.  At all."

Yeah.  Two swipes of the tongue is enough.  Especially when I knew he loved his hole being played with.

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