Monday, April 22, 2013

"Mean play is hot"

So when you post a Craigslist ad that says (in part) "mean play is hot", you're going to bring out the worse (best?) in me.

I didn't ask for a pic.  I didn't need it.  I was horned up as hell and it sounded like he was going to be a hot one in bed.  6'4" tall, blond, blue-eyed and eager to please a top.  Without even asking, he gave me permission to take pics of our play while I'm there.  Love a nasty, piggy bottom. I entered his hotel room and he was already waiting for me on all fours on the floor.  The curtains were open, flooding the room with the evening light, a spotlight on his upturned ass winking at me.

It looked like he had cleaned out for me, too.  I spied a crumpled up water bottle in the bathroom.  I knew how it ended up there.  When I got to him, his ass was moist from the lube that he had used.

"Fuck yeah, pig.  That hole ready for a pounding?"

I simultaneously reached into my pocket with one hand for my phone and used the other to unbutton and drop my shorts to the floor.  His head sank a bit and he sighed when he heard the sound.

I let my cock, already hard from the sight of his ass, flop onto his ass and snapped a couple of pics.  I could feel that the warmth of the sun had soaked into his back and ass as I let my cock rest there. It was awkward though.  Fuck, the dude was tall.  I had to throw down the phone and grab his waist, pulling him back and down like a z-fold letter.

"You know that your ass is mine now, right?"

"Yes, sir!"

"That's right, you fucking cunt."

And with that, I poised my cock at his hole and pushed into him in one hard thrust.

He immediately tried to reject me and pulled away, but I was prepared.  I still had my hold on him and kept him in place.  In fact, I held him and pulled him even closer.  I wanted him to feel every inch of my hot, bare cock in his hole.  I made it pulse for extra measure.

"C'mon, boy. You know this is what you wanted. Hard dick up your fucking pussy. You want this, right? You were born for this, huh?  Answer me boy!"

I wanted an answer.  So I let go, raised both hands high and let them land flat on his ass with a hard smack that stung my hands.

"Yes! Yes!" he wimpered in a half sob.

I felt his hole contract around my cock sending ripples of pleasure through my body.

He was ready. His body had adjusted. That's when I started to tear it into him with a hard fuck that I'm sure would leave him with a rug burn. We had already scooted off the towel he laid for himself and I was just getting started. Obscenities flew out of my mouth, some that surprised even me. And then I slowed down.  Slowed down to snap some more pics and to let him recover. I didn't want his body to get used to the abuse. I eased off so that each time I ramped up, his body would feel the onslaught fresh.

At one point, I spread his ass and pumped it in deep. Too deep as he yelped and started to move away. Instead of letting him get away, I just threw my whole body against him and fell onto him so he was flat on the floor. Can't get away from me that easily!  A few more thrusts like that with him flat on the floor when I caught the glint of his wedding band as he was pulling at the carpet for some relief.

"You like being used by anonymous men, huh, you little bitch?"

I pulled out completely.

"Get up. On your back."

He paused.  I'm not sure if he wanted to see my face or not. He probably wanted it completely anonymous, ashamed at his desires and not willing to face his attraction to men. I didn't care. I didn't ask again. I wasn't going to be just a disembodied toy that he used to fuck himself with. I just smacked him on the ass and he knew I meant it.

His legs were a little wobbly as he stood up. It didn't matter. He was going back down anyway.

Pushed him onto the bed and his legs flew up. Grabbed them and let them rest on my shoulders while I repositioned my hands on his thighs and pulled, making him slide halfway off the bed. My cock met him half the way off and after bending at the knees slightly, I was in position and slammed it home. His eyes widened as I fucked him.

Grabbed his cock, which was rock hard throughout the ordeal, and let the rhythm of my fuck be mini strokes on his cock. Not full strokes. I didn't want to get him off just yet. But it was too late. I could see the look of yearning in his eyes. He was close.

"Don't you fucking shoot, boy. If you do, I'm not stopping until I'm done. I don't care how sensitive you are after you shoot."

I spat on him to let him know I was serious. He recoiled with shock, but that was also what set him off. I felt his cock pulse in my hand, so I pounded him even harder and faster to make his orgasm last. And I kept it up til long after he was finished, gasping for air from it all.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't continue. He was wincing pretty hard. His body writhed and jerked at every thrust trying to get away from me. I knew I was hurting him pretty bad. And not in a good way.

I held still and smiled.

"You're done, huh?"

"Yeah.  I'm sorry." And I knew he meant it. He really wanted me to get off. But I didn't want to jerk myself off. I wanted to unload in a hole. I reached over for my phone to snap a pic of my handiwork.

"Just don't get my face."

"I'll get your face in the shot if I want to, bitch." But by that time, my voice sounded foreign to me.  Feigned and inauthentic. Eh, it sounded good in my head.

He emailed me a few times that night telling me how he loved it.  He was ready for another round.  But it was too late.  I was already home with my own partner nesting before nodding off to bed. Still can't get a Craiglist hotel visitor to get me off! I don't think I'm that long-lasting of a top either. I was in an out in probably half an hour.


Weston Liggett said...


Weston Liggett said...

hahahaha the capcha was "69 tarts us"

Bruce Chang said...

You know, those programmers sure have a sense of humor! :-)

Bruce Chang said...

Nah, go on. No, really! Keep stroking my ego! :-)

Tiger Milner said...

That was hot. You have very sexy pubes. lol. I love black hair.

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks buddy! I'd love to have it brushing against your ass...;-)

Tiger Milner said...

Someday! Then we can both blog about it. lol.

Rancho Cucamonga said...

Playing catch up here with your blog and others.... Very nice! Thanks for adding the pics..helps with my visual :)

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks! I actually didn't think about it until someone messaged me privately to ask how big I was. I was like, oh yeah...

Rancho Cucamonga said...

Well you shouldn't be surprised with that question :) does one message you privately? not a google circle kinda guy here :(

Bruce Chang said...

Shoot me an email at anothercheater (at) gmail! Cheers!

Car Westie said...

You're my hot Asian hero!

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! And you are mine. Didn't you have a guy stalk you down after he saw your naked butt scurrying across the while he was there to hook up with your roomie/friend? That must be quite an ass. :-)

Luv2SwallowJizz said...

Hot story! I'm sure I'd get you off!

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah? Hop on over then!