Thursday, May 23, 2013

Birthday fuck

He's well over a decade younger than me but chatted like he was a pro.  Dirty texts.  Dirty, dirty texts.  Wanting me to fill him up with my cum, pass him around, use and abuse him.  And he was well versed in the lingo.  Sexually adventurous.  Precocious.  I honestly didn't want to mess around with him.  Not because he wasn't attractive.  He's a cub with a full beard and  I'm a sucker for beefy young guys with facial hair.  But I just remember the last time I was with a younger guy, he talked about wanting no strings fun, but what he really wanted was a boyfriend.  And I just didn't want to do that to a guy that might be just coming out with a bunch of things running around his head.  A guy like that doesn't need me to add to the chaos!  But he was certain about what he wanted.  A fuck.  That's it.  Nothing more.  And I think he was heavily chasing me for two months because he's always wanted to try an Asian top.  Felt kinda dirty and like I was being used but honestly, I don't mind being a checkbox on a bucket list.

So there I was in his room, making out with him and working myself lower to his nips while simultaneously grinding against his back door, trying to see if he wanted it bad enough for a spit fuck.  He was tight as hell.  I was hard as a rock, but I knew that I'd hurt him if I went in too quick.  So I spent a little bit of time with his nips.  Nipping, twirling, flicking with my mouth and tongue.  And then I felt his cock get harder.  His cock pulsed with every move I made on his nips.  So I raised it up a notch and started to nibble.  Hard.  Harder.  He was squirming under me and his hands were on my shoulders just about to push me off.  But again.  The pulse.  His cock pulsing with every bite...  pulsing harder with every chomp.

I thought that would loosen him up.  His cock sure loved it.  His ass was impenetrable though.

I lubed up.  Raised his legs high and aimed.

"It's been awhile," he said.

"Yeah?  How long is awhile?"

"Two years."

That surprised me.  I filed that away for the moment though as I inched my way up his hole.  When I felt him exhale and flower open, I rushed in with the last three or four inches.  God he was warm.  And moist.  Made my cock sing and want to shoot right then.  But I gave him a slow steady fuck, building up rhythm until he started to reach for his cock.  He was jerking it for only a minute or two as we worked ourselves into a frenzy and he barely got the words out before he shot a massive load.

"I...  Cu-um..."

Fuck.  I lost it though.  Not in the good way.  I was on the brink but he forced me out.  I knew it was gonna be tough for him to continue after he had just came, but I roughly planted myself back in and in slow deliberate strokes, fucked until I lost my load deep inside him.

Afterwards, I flopped on the bed next to him while he just chuckled like a crazy person.  He loved it.  It was nice.  One of those fucks where you didn't have to say much.  You were just in sync from the get go.

As a matter of fact...

"You're a lot quieter than I thought you'd be," I told him.  "Just from our texts, it just seemed like you'd be a bit more... chatty."

"Yeah, I'm a quiet person..."

"And two years, you say?  How old are you?"

"20.  Actually, tomorrow is my birthday.  This is sorta my birthday treat."  With that, another chuckle.

And it clicked.  Once again, I was duped by a younger kid.  The first one was looking for boyfriend material.  This one?  Definitely just wanted sex, but all that slutty talk was just bravado for a guy that didn't really have as much experience as he advertised.

I gave him a long hug and wished him a happy birthday before I left.


CoolTop said...

I was never, ever into guys that young, even when I *was* that young. And I'm lucky in that my tastes pretty much age along with me. But lately I think I'm turning into that dreaded gay cliché: the hairy old bald dude who is kinda into chicken. I haven't fucked many dudes in their 20s lately, but I get more and more intrigued by the idea. I always expect them to be terrible lays...

Bruce Chang said...

I'm with ya on this one. Actually, I've always been into guys 10 to 20 years older than me. So now it's weird being the "older guy". Funny thing is that BikeGuy just posted around the same time a similar situation. And The Breeder also wrote up a story about a guy just coming out of high school. What's going on?! Where are all these horny kids coming from?! Ha! Not that I'm complaining. As for being terrible lays? Nah. I think they sometimes make up in enthusiasm what they lack in experience... sometimes.

Invisibleman46 said...

"flowered open" is poetic. I will surely borrow it (remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery.)

Bruce Chang said...

I wish I could take credit for that! I think I stole that from The Breeder somewhere in his posts. I remember reading it and thinking, I know exactly what he means by that. Exactly!