Sunday, July 7, 2013

The kind actor

I don't host often.  Largely because I have a dog that keeps getting in the way.  The dog mistakes the guy on the bed on all fours, wiggling his ass in the air in the play position as a fellow playmate and likes to get in the way... and is thoroughly frustrated that he's excluded and ignored.  The pooch is pretty vocal about it.  And sometimes limbs are slightly nipped.

I made an exception for this one guy, though, as he was conveniently staying at a hotel that was only about a mile away.  A stage actor that was in town only for the duration of a traveling production, he had a really chippy profile on Growlr and was really responsive to messages.  When he arrived at my door, his face lit up as I opened the door.  Exactly like his photo.  One of those kind faces that always seems to have a positive outlook.  He was a bit heavier than I thought he'd be but that smile drew me in.  When I pulled him to me, I found that his shirt was drenched from the trip over.  His head, also wet.  Just down his neck, hair from his back peeked over the collar of his shirt.  And in the cool air-conditioned room, his body seemed to go on over-drive to try to cool himself off.  On paper, it seems like it would all be a turn off, but his energy drew me in.  A bright quality.  Perceptive, almost to a fault, but uniquely filtered to find the best of thing.  Everything in the pan his eyes sifted through was gold and it made me want to elevate myself to the level of whatever he saw.  He apologized profusely, but I stopped that with a kiss.  I didn't mind.

In easy movements, we settled into the couch and then with him on his knees with my cock buried down his throat.  God, he was good.  And incredibly perceptive.  He focused on the things that triggered a response, but knew when to back off when I was getting too much of a good thing.  He was fully dressed while I was fully naked and he politely pushed the dog away when he got in the way.  Gently, but firm.  And the dog stayed back and settled down.

He got me to a zone where my vision was a bit hazy, not really settling on anything until my eyes landed back on the hair peeking over the collar.  I got the shirt off him and found that he was covered in body hair.  A uniform coat all over.  As I rubbed his back, the soft hairs started to mat against his body, clinging to the sweat.  We hadn't talked about it, but I had to get inside him.  Making an abrupt exit for some lube, I came back and bent him over the back of the couch.  Lubing and then lining myself up, I slowly entered him til I hit bottom.  Then grabbed his slick body and started to pound it home.  I then let my hips take over and stroked his body, feeling the soft fuzz under my fingers before they clung to his body, damp from picking up sweat.  I didn't last long.  I shot inside him within a few minutes, going from a steady fuck to rushing past the point of no return and wailing into his hole until I deposited my load.  My hand on his back mindlessly continued to stroke his body as my body continued to spasm.  Maybe it was my load or maybe it was the heavy petting, but he quickly came right after, barely giving himself a few tugs and shot a load onto the couch.

Surprisingly enough, the pooch was really mellow through it all.  Seems like I'm not the only one captivated by his energy, recognizing a kind spirit and not really bothered by any of it.  And when I hugged him before he left, my four-legged friend gave him nudge against his leg to wish him well.


BlkJack said...

I preferred your previous blog design to your new one. This one is cold and void of color. Thanks!

Bruce Chang said...

I know what you mean. The only reason I changed it was because it didn't let me reply to comments. I'll get off my lazy ass and add some color/graphics soon... Or switch it back. Ha! Thanks for the feedback

derrick said...

How does a guy find you for a hookup? OC guy here always looking for hot asian tops to breed me!

Bruce Chang said...

Just email me. Ha! anothercheater (at) gmail.
Though, I don't think you can swing a pencil without hitting an asian top in OC!