Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The four-hour workout

After a disastrous episode at one pool party and then an amazing experience at another, I decided to press my luck and the very next day after work, went to the bathhouse.  What ensued was four hours worth of sweat and flesh.

I don't remember everything in sequence and there was way too much to write down to help me remember, but the night started off with me awkwardly bumping into a platonic bud while he was checking out of the joint and I was checking in.  He's a good lookin' guy but it was way too close to home.  We ended up inquiring about each other's partner and then making some vague promise of meeting for a playdate in the future.  I even got a text from him a few hours later but I just kinda let that fizzle out.  I didn't want to say no, because in all honesty, I'll probably say yes some time down the road but it just didn't feel right.

Once I got in, I remember stripping down to a towel and barely making it out my room when I felt eyes on me.  I turned the corner to a public play space and an Asian guy hovered around behind me.  I turned around to give him a smile and feeling a good vibe stepped close to intrude on his personal space.  I leaned in for kiss but he pulled away.  Thinking I might have read things wrong I started to pull even further back before he tentatively reached out, but he lacked the will to even touch me.  I took the initiative to feel under his towel and he was hard as a rock.  Not that long, but pretty thick.  It was then I understood what he was after.  He was a voyeur, too afraid to give in and commit to anything physical but perfectly content to watch and I didn't mind having him warm me up.  And besides, we were attracting some attention.

An incredibly fit guy with perfectly combed hair walked by, hair that was so light and feathery yet dense and structured.  He had an even coat of fuzz on his chest, having trimmed it down to an exact uniform length.  Perfectly groomed yet an attitude that was the exact opposite of proper.  He strutted around knowing he turned some heads and the strut changed when he honed in on something he wanted, stalking his prey before he pounced.  I got to him and pulled him in before he had any chance to attack.  With one arm, I pulled him into a deep kiss while using my other to pull TimidVoyeur closer.  The voyeur pulled back though and I was happy to turn my attention to PerfectlyGroomed.  We attacked each other with a hunger and slobbered all over each other, making out and mashing our cocks together.  It was easy to tell that we were both tops, but that didn't stop us from sucking and grinding and groping and making out util limbs were flying everywhere.  A couple of people tried to work their way in and we were nothing but inviting but it was hard to compete with the energy we had.  One guy, I mentally thought of as "TheCoach" with his baseball cap and jock.  He was in his fifties and built wide but solid.  A gut from indulging in life but still built.  Then there was ImpossiblyTallBear, eager to catch my attention and fidgeting about, hopping on each leg like a little, eager pup wanting to join in on the fun...  as if he needed to do anything but stand there for people to notice his imposing figure.  They, including TimidVoyeur, hovered around but didn't try to join in.  Instead, vocalizing encouragement and placing an extra hand here or there.  I was sucking PerfectlyGroomed when I felt a change and pulled off to give a couple a strokes before he shot a massive load onto his chest.  His body was still shaking and convulsing when I put my forehead to his and used my other hand to rub him cum in.

We all disbanded to shower and clean up only to meet up again later, like a splash of oil in water scattering out in little units and then reassembling into one.  I found TheCoach in his room, face down flat on him stomach.  I walked in and felt up his ass only to quickly withdraw.  He smelled of chemicals oozing from the pores of his skin and I just wasn't in the mood to figure out if he parties well or not.  But immediately after I left, I found ImpossiblyTallBear with his hand to the doorknob of his room and his foot tapping on the floor in an obvious attempt to get my attention.  I chuckled to myself since there really wasn't any way I could miss him or misunderstand his intent, even without his ostentatious gestures.  once I was in his room, the eager, his innocent quality never left.  His kisses were tender and sweet.  His touch equally soft.  Huge difference from the passionate, raw piggy mashing of body parts with PerfectlyGroomed.  I took the lead and he sweetly followed, sucking me with such tenderness that made my knees buckle.  His eyes looked up directly into mine when I nudged my cock at his hole and he handed me a condom while pleading me to take him.  He admitted that he hasn't been fucked in awhile and he wasn't lying.  He was tight and when I hit bottom and just stayed still to let him get used to me, I could feel his hot ass pulse and throb with blood, straining against my meat.  He never asked for anything in return, just looked at me enraptured.  I played with his cock and stroked it until I finally had to pull out.  He was tight but so was the condom.  I needed to go back to my room and grab the magnums or else all I could feel was a bad death-grip around my cock.  And 5'8 vs 6'6 gets kinda hard to manage after awhile.  I broke away with the promise to come back and play later.

Grabbed the supplies from the room and I went back only to find his room closed so I took a little stroll to the gloryhole area they have.  It's a large open room with a bed against one wall and then on the walls to the right and left two sets of gloryhole areas.  One involved a row of "private" booths, private in that they were cubicles with doors on them but not so private in that there are cutouts in each of the partitioning walls.  The other was a ramp where a guy can stand up on one side while the other guy on the other side can stand up and suck.  And of course, the room is incredibly dark.  I still made out the form of a younger latin kid watching two guys got at it on the suck ramp, though.  After taking a peek at what was holding his attention, I reached out and flicked his nips.  He didn't turn his attention to me, but he also moaned some encouragement.  I took that as a sign to mouth at his nips and flick my tongue across.  Holding him by the waist tight against me, he couldn't ignore me anymore.  He made a motion to his head to go over to the gloryhole booths.  Door closed. Towels drop. I push his shoulders down and he takes me into his mouth for a bit.  A little rough with the teeth so I pull him up and start tonguing his uncut meat for just a few seconds before whispers me to stop and pushes me away.  Too late.  He's squeezing his cock hard to try to stop but he's unloading all over the floor before collapsing against the wall.  I hear the door to the adjoining booth open and close.  Apparently we had an audience.

On my way to wash up again, I bump into ImpossiblyTallBear and he's fully dressed headed to the checkout.  Apparently I ended play when he was really close and he ended up stroking off shortly after I left.  A gentle giant.  Too sweet to ask me to stay and give him the release he needed.

I was still a little bummed that I couldn't fuck the cum out of ImpossiblyTallBear when I crossed paths with an insanely gorgeous latin guy about my page and a perfect body.  And sometimes I call a guy built in trying to describe a guy with a strong masculine power behind his physique but this guy was gym-built.  Naturally smooth with ripples over his stomach that was anything but natural.  Broad shouldered with nicely defined lats that tapered down to a trim waist.  Triceps that flexed and bulged as he walked.  He wasn't ridiculously muscled but proportionate.  And the discipline that he has with his body was amazing in bed as well.  We ended up in his room, making out passionately before he forced me flat on my back while he rode me.  As he lowered himself down, he worked his hole to milk my cock.  I mean, he did things that I can't even do with my hand.  And he expected the same muscle control from me.

"Can you make it jump?" he asked at one point, letting his whole body weight rest in my lap.

"You mean like this?" I asked as I made my cock pulse deep inside him, making it swell and straighten out a bit towards my belly and directly onto his happy spot.  Hey yelped a bit in surprise (even though he asked me to) and grinned like a kid at Christmas before I pulsed it a few more times.  Then he worked his magic up and down the length of my meat.  Furious pummeling in all sorts of positions alternating with slow thrusts to just enjoy being connected.  I was edging and it got to the point where my cock just kinda gave up.  Still hard but it pretty much gave up on trying to cum so after an hour of play, I collapsed on his sweaty back and forced him down flat on his stomach and waved the white flag.  I needed a break.

I left and rinsed off and walked around a bit before looking at the clock and realized that I was there for way too long and needed to get going if I wanted any sleep before work the next day.  I was just going to go to the steam room to relax a bit and shower to go home, but there were two guys already in there and I think I made them break up from playing.  It's kinda funny.  Not sure why they were being modest.  It wasn't like they were in the steam room at 24-hour fitness.  So I went over and started to play with both of them.  Bearish-types, thick bodied with one tall and the other shorter, one cut and insanely thick while the other nicely hung and uncut.  The shorter one went back to sucking the taller one now that it was "safe" to resume while I made out with the taller one.  We then switched positions and something about a cock that is so thick that you can't get your mouth around it flipped the switch for me.  I was ready to cum.  I was making gargly noises as it was getting close and the tall guy stopped making out with the shorter one to ask me to cum on his face.  He got on his knees while I stood up and shot a huge load that was simmering in my balls for four hours onto his face and chest (hey, I never said I had good aim).

When I finally came to, I realized that the perfect bodied and amazing ass latin guy was watching and he smiled at me and nodded as I made my way out to shower, fully drained and spent in every way.


Weston Liggett said...

I can remember when I was able to 'make it jump...' :(

Bruce Chang said...

Oh, trust me. The only reason I could was the damn good inspiration before my eyes. He was beautiful and brought the best out in me! Ha!

Anonymous said...

luv your blog, the sex is amazing!