Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The surprise

So there I am standing in the small study of a nice house in west LA, fully naked with my cock defiantly hard and pulsing in the air struggling to smash the pedestrian wannabe suburban banality to pieces.  It's just a mirage, really, a little row of houses flanked on all sides with commercial real estate and large apartment complexes, crowding in this small little tree-line street with cold concrete.  But what I'm really struggling to come to terms with is what's happening right now.  It's not the nasty sex...  that I've had at this same place quite a few dozen times in the last 10 years.  It's the guy in front of me, the guy that starts to lean in and take the tip of my cock into his mouth.  A little suction, a little caress of the balls.  Then he tries to take me all in.  He's doing a decent job, but I start to deflate a little.  Maybe it's the fact that I'm distracted by the clutter, or the fact that his hair kinda smells and I have a feeling he hasn't brushed his teeth yet.  No, I'm pretty sure it's the fact that I'm really fucking shocked that he's taking my cock down his throat.  What the fuck is going on?  Like the neighborhoods around us, people also evolve and as slow as that process takes it still sometimes takes a guy by surprise.  

So, one of the reason that I don't really take anyone seriously when they say they're a top is because even I flip every now and then.  I also started off as more of a bottom.  About 10 years ago, I answered an ad on Craigslist to suck a guy's cock and what ensued was a ten year dance where he'd deep dick my throat with his eight-inch cock until I choked, gagged, had tears in my eyes and basically begged him to stop before he'd finally let go with long ribbons of cum that coated my face, decorated the walls, or drenched my chest.  And that's even after he shot the first few spurts directly down my throat.  His perfectly straight and smooth cock shot like a really good porn flick that specialized in cum.  The first few times he pushed me back and landed some shots that still had some weight and force behind it even from halfway across the room.  I was hooked.  As the years went by, I came over and less and less as the urge to take that sorta treatment just dwindled.  And honestly, I still come by more to watch him cum than anything else.

He's a good looking guy.  Really tall.  Lanky.  Perfectly aligned with what I'd expect from a british guy, just no accent.  Very lean, thin lips and a chest that would seem to struggle doing a pushup.  At the same time, I also have no doubt that he's athletic and fit.  Stereotypically raving nuts about soccer (or football to the rest of the world), I'm pretty sure he plays and I can totally picture him running on a field tirelessly for a couple of hours.

And the straightest cock I've ever seen.  No curve at all.

And speaking of straight, he considered himself very slightly bi but I think you and I both know better.  We have a friendly, casual relationship though.  Just buds really.  So I know that he usually contacts me in between girlfriends.  Also know that he's a dirty fuck, having fucked a girl behind a bar on one drunken night.  The other night, he was surprised when a massage girl jerked him off.  It felt good, but he wanted more.  So he chatted me up 'cause what he was missing was exercising that power of his long cock and abusing a throat that struggles to take it.  And that's why, after ten years, I was floored that he made me get up and stroke for him.  And he then got closer.  And then sucked me down.  I just didn't know what the fuck was going on when, for the first time I've known him, he put my cock in his mouth.  My mind was a buzz even though it felt hella good.  I just couldn't concentrate on that and instead just kinda lost it.  After awhile, I shied away and withdrew.  Pulled his rock hard cock down til it obscenely sprang back up.  Then took it down the root.  He was so turned on by then, it only took a few strokes before he pulled out and then sprayed huge volumes of cum all over my face.  And as I felt layers and layers of wet heat striking my face, I started to convulse in a dry orgasm.  I wasn't even stroking.  I just held my cock without even noticing I was touching myself.  I was barely coming down from my high before I heard him retching a little in the bathroom and take a swig of mouthwash.

I'm not gonna hold my breath, though.  At this rate, it's gonna take another twenty years before I get the tip of my cock onto his hole.  Not that I ever put all my eggs in one basket.  In fact, I was glad I didn't fully cum because I was gonna head over to Too Far Cub to fuck my load into him right after this little detour.  Ha!

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