Friday, September 27, 2013

More... "pussy"

It's different this time.  Actually, it's different every time.  Sometimes I'm there to fuck him hard and rough, focused on dropping a load.  Other times I'm there to see how long he'll last before I let myself cum.  Maintenance fuck then.  Leisurely fuck other times.  Exploratory fuck others still.  But this was different; the things I could count on were different.  I could always count on him leaving the door open, him being in his room with the lights out and the bedroom door closed, him being rock hard before I even get there and harder still every time I call his hole a "pussy."  What really was constant throughout was the air of anonymity as he masked himself in darkness and spoke in a hushed but fervent manner that promoted this clandestine quality.  I fucked the darkness as much as I fucked him.

But this time was different.

The feigned anonymity was there for mere fantasy.  You can easily infer his name from the mail on the table.  He's a chiropractor with a holistic approach, opting for organic foods and cooking using his home-grown herb garden, and has strong familial ties based on his excuses when opportunities for a tryst are missed.  All this, unfolded from the string of emails and the twenty-second segments of each visit as I disrobe in the living room and make my way to his bedroom, all completely obvious when viewed in a time-lapse.  Just observation.  No facebook, no Google, no other technology required.

When I opened the door to his place this time, his bedroom door was wide open and his bathroom light was on as he bathed in its spotlight.  He was on his back in bed, knees bent and parted with both feet flat on the bed.  His hands grasped his cock tightly, pointing it straight up into the air.  His proud, angry red cock an attention whore, pulling my eyes to the valley between the twin peaks of his knees, while his knees cast long shadows that beckoned me in.  His muscles shone tight all over, stretching over limbs and accentuated by the single light source.  I could almost see every fiber strain, tiring out my eyes in turn trying to take it all in.

I was still in a daze when I kicked off my shoes and ripped off my clothes to hop in bed with him.  So much so, I didn't think to question him on whether lotion was a good lube-substitute given that he demanded to play safe, I didn't think to slap his hand away when he guided my cock inside him as if I couldn't navigate his body and read his signals to make the entry feel good, didn't snap out of my daze as he referred to his hole as a organ I really knew nothing about.  With the light blazing on him, I feel like I peeked behind the curtain a bit but was far from let down.  The mystery just shifted from him to me.  I just couldn't understand how this sculpted specimen of man wanted me so bad as to coo, "My pussy's been needing this so bad...  misses it."

I was in deep, jabbing in short strides to try to get deeper still before pulling all the way out and long dicking him to feel my length.  I tried to wrestle his cock out of his hand but he resisted, confessing that he was so close that just me touching it would make him pop.  So he held on to it, not stroking but just held it trying not to acquiesce to his urgent need to cum.  His legs started to tremble and tighten and I used that as leverage to hike his legs higher and lean back to fuck up into him.  But my body couldn't take it either.  Seeing him there in the light was more beauty than I could handle so I had to stop.  His tight hole was milking me way too fast, even with the rubber.  I slowed down and then pulled his knees closer to his chest, throwing my weight into him and pushing him deeper into the pillows.  No matter how slow I went, I was already over the edge and I could barely manage a few grunts out before I started to push deep and unload.  He instantly started to shoot and I kept on fucking to revel in the sensations of a spasming ass around my cock.

As I was walking back to my car, a shameful mere half-hour after I arrived as if I were some virgin that just couldn't keep it together from the first taste of pleasures of the flesh, I reflected on that extra glimpse I saw of him.  It just spurred on many more unanswered questions.  And as much as I can admire the beauty up close in my face, zoomed in to admire the individuality, strength and flaws of each loop and stitch of a hand-knit sweater, that brief peek makes me want to step back and see the whole thing...  to own it all.  To know it fully.  So that I can fold it neatly and tuck it away in a well-known corner of my storage unit of secrets, thereby packaging it back in the dark of mystery.

Musings: Bragging rights

I was commenting on a blog when someone used the phrase "fucking for sport", which brought this recent conversation with friends to mind:

"I fucked a general once," my friend (he's active military, buzz cutt and all) says.  "Just to say that I've fucked someone that high up the chain of command."  This was after he went on an on about a marathon flip fuck session he just had with a married military guy.

"Have you ever done a cop?" my other friend asks as we're oogling at the pics of the marathon military fuck boy.

"Not knowingly," my partner chimes in.  "Just found out after the fact. It'd be kinda hot to do them in uniform."

I groaned and rolled my eyes.  "Firemen are way hotter.  Less of that cocky attitude and more of that heroic factor."

But I didn't say any more.  The conversation continued and I didn't offer up that I fucked two cops before (unfortunately, not at the same time and not in uniform) and had a fireman fuck bud that I played with... at his station...  in the living quarters with his coworkers roaming about...

I was corresponding to another blogger and we were contrasting our blogs, him noting that I predominantly focus on the sex while he skims over that part.  And I could and did cite several lofty reasons why I focus on the sex but I really couldn't deny the fact that a good part of it is also that I need an outlet to brag.  I can't really tell my friends (not because they're prudes but you don't want to burden them with keeping a secret) and for some reason, it gets kinda touchy with some fuck buds.  I had one guy cancel on me "because of a family emergency" and when I inquired later, I found out that he was actually just still in bed with the local kid he fucks around with.  We had a laugh about it, but it usually takes awhile before a regular opens up about the others we see.  Or maybe it's me that takes awhile.  Either way, if it sometimes sounds like I'm bragging a bit in an entry...  I totally am.  Ha!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The unexpected

I love a guy with wired nips but even more than that, just love making a big-framed, beefy guy, a guy with a hundred pounds of muscle over me, making a guy like that tremble with just a gentle flick of a tongue.  And I mean tremble.  Teeth chattering, shivering and speaking in tongues type tremble.  I'm sure a large part of that is the sexual power you get, especially with a smaller guy like me dominating him, but it's really his art, his talent, his beauty that he lets lie there totally exposed with a sense of abandon that I both respect and enjoy.  Diving head first off a cliff of unknown heights, not thinking of the bottom but just focusing on the feeling of the air whipping against him and letting his body just react without restraint, letting his vocal chords do whatever they want.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the neighbors in this airport hotel knew exactly what was up.  He squealed at a pitch to shatter glass before letting it die out to a deep masculine groan that I could almost feel in my core like standing next to a giant subwoofer at a club.  Beautifully complete and unrestrained abandon.  That was fucking sexy.  And completely at odds at how I am right at that same moment.  My mind was racing, swirling with thoughts that interrupted my enjoyment of the achingly beautiful form below me.  I was so completely drawn to him that I felt incredibly insecure and I was alternating between painfully hard and frustratingly limp.

But he didn't have the same issue.  He was completely in it and it made me smile.  I had just sucked his nipple ring into my mouth and chewed at the base behind the piercing to pinch off the blood and send sharp sensations through his body before I let go and lapped at the nub made prominent by the ring, made extra-sensitive after the assault.  Talking to his nipple, I said, "I love how you squeal like a bitch."  I was letting the heat of my breath and the vibrations from my voice bounce off his skin to send a shiver down his spine.  He tried to answer through violent seizures, convulsions that didn't settle until I pulled back and blew cool air across his chest.  But just a faint change before his body rolled into a gentle laugh.  "My partner says that all the time.  I gotta tell him you said that."  A brief pause and then, "God, you're so sexy.  I'll do anything you want, Sir."  Capital "S", Sir.  Just like that.  Easily moving between the two thoughts completely without affectation.  His eyes didn't shift focus between talking about real experiences with his boyfriend and the glazed, dreamy expected slutty bedroom talk.  It was all one with him.  Completely real.  Unrestrained truth and sincerity on both ends.  And I was completely enamoured by it.

I met him of Growlr.  A pic-less profile messaged me and unlocked his private photos that still didn't reveal much.  He rapidly sent a backlit face pic that made me roll my eyes a bit (c'mon.  really?!), but being a visitor from one of the smaller cities in a red state, I could see how previous experiences might have made him a bit shy and lean to acts of extreme discretion.  But it was nice that he was otherwise direct and eager to meet.  The only time that worked was later in the evening after I had already arranged to play ball with some friends and after he had a work dinner to go to.  When I finally got to his room, I was a sweaty mess but was greeted by something completely unexpected.  Yeah, he looked good in his pics that he had sent me but holy shit and fuck, fuck, fuck he was hot.  Well over 6' with broad shoulders.  Beefy.  Quintessential bear really, with a shaved head and goatee.  And a bright smile that's completely charming.  He had an easy confident laugh that was contagious as I excused myself to rinse off some of the salty sweat on my body.  Coming out, I toweled off a bit and continued out in the room, exposed and already starting to stiffen up at the prospect of putting my meat inside him.  And that was the one moment the whole night where he stammered a bit and lost composure before his gentle smile returned and we fell into each others arms for a deep kiss.  At this point, though, he was eager to match me in my nakedness and stumbled across the room disrobing.  When he finally pulled back to take off the last article of clothing, his shirt, I sucked in a gasp.  He was even more hot naked.  Artwork inked into his skin from his shoulders and wrapping down elegantly to his firm chest, both nipples pierced and a heavy gauge PA in his cock...  none of which were displayed in his pics.  We fell into a kiss and I eagerly attacked his nips first.  His body responded to my every touch, whether my fingertips were lightly dancing up his sides like a crisp breeze or my whole palm exploring his back and spreading it's heat like a starburst.

I hadn't shaved that day, so I let my stubble rake across his nipples and down his chest before I swallowed his cock whole in one shot.  And that's when I finally experienced the clattering of metal on teeth that people have talked about in the blogs with regards to sucking a guy with a PA.  My solution?  Suck that puppy down to the back of my throat and use my throat muscles to swallow it down my throat and use my tongue to undulate across the length of his shaft and my lips to lock around and massage the base of his cock.  He felt me struggle with the metal and was telling me over and over he could take it out until I maneuvered it back there.  When I did, he just let out a gasp at the surprise and a shout that made me beam with pride.  Fuck I loved that thing tickling the back of my throat, but I was choking too.  I pulled off and rolled onto my back, guiding his head to my rod and he did he exact damn thing to me, making me rock hard in moments by mirroring my previous moves.  Unfortunately, this also meant that I grew more than he could handle and I felt his whole body heave as he gagged and his body protested.

Throwing him off, we spent the next hour rimming and fucking in an easy way in several positions: on his back, on his side, on all fours, him riding me.  I was still in my head though, reeling from the unexpected.  That, combined with all the position changes made me alternate between rock hard and soft and hard again but in the end all I wanted was to make him feel as good I did and for him to shoot with my cock inside him.  Despite how much he sighed when I hit his sweet spot, though, he couldn't cum until I got up and sat on his face, smothering him until he had to tap me to let him breathe.  That got him rock hard and in turn got me worked up to the point where I started to spray.  I lifted up and shot directly into his mouth and all over his lips before he sucked me in.  God I love a guy that isn't afraid to go ass to mouth and things finally calmed down, he quietly requested a towel for the cum that landed near his eye.  Ha!  Poor thing.  I wiped him clean before easing into a make out session where my hands explored and my fingers invaded his hole (one, then two, then four), which was completely wet and frothy from the precum that I oozed into him.  After the fourth finger and his hole started to give to the knuckle when I felt his body start to contract and his hole tighten around me while he shot his load.

I think I'm leaving a lot out.  It was truly a surprise that a guy that I had pegged for a vanilla fuck turned out to be such a pig.  From the piercings, to going ass to mouth, to the revelations in his slutty talk... Egging me on to fuck him deep and groaning whenever I pulled his ass apart and went that extra inch.  Telling me about how often he and his partner would play and what they would do, getting groups together...  what I would be permitted to do with the both of them... him wanting my piss, my cum, my fist, my whatever I gave him.  And it was all with that easy abandon.  It was just how he was feeling right there and then, not just some unrealistic slutty talk but something almost tangible and real.  Options for me to use or discard.  And that's how I'll remember him.  As someone living in the moment and real and completely giving.  And that's what I was thinking when we collapsed side by side on the bed afterwards.  Two guys, cut from the same cloth, completely and comfortably exposed.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musings: The industry, body issues, and fuck buds

Been trying to write up a story about this guy I played with a couple months ago.  Problem is, there's a few different things about this guy that I wanted to write about that I couldn't just focus on one.  So, I'm just going to babble on for a bit instead.

So, I get the sense that when people hate on LA, they're really talking about the "the industry" and the culture that has developed around it.  You get words thrown around like "attitude" and "fake" and I can see how clamoring to break into the industry, people tend to be selective about who they hang around with and things become kinda superficial and all that (I'm just guessing).  But really, the majority of the people I know aren't in that industry at all.  They work in finance or technology or something else.  And the few friends that I have that are cameramen or writers or managers, we hardly talk about it.  If we do, it's to commiserate.  You know, the "I can't believe my damn coworkers and the shit they do"-type stuff.

This guy, let's call him BeefyIndustryGuy, has some job related to the studios and fuck he's fun to play with.  Maybe a couple of inches taller than me but a beefier frame.  You can tell he works out, but he's also settled into his body a bit.  In a good way.  He's a damn, good-lookin' beefy guy.  Curly dirty-blond hair and blue eyes (usually not my thing, but fuck I love his beefy frame...  nothing better than a solid guy that whimpers for your cock in his ass).  We hadn't played in over a year and I remembered him telling me the last time to make fun of his gut and to punch him in the stomach (not to do harm, but to ridicule him).  I went with it and had fun, even though it was weird to do so.  I mean, this guy wasn't fat.  He didn't have rippled six-pack abs either.  But he was an in-shape, good lookin' guy with a larger, broad shouldered frame.  A guy that...  well, enjoyed being healthy and eating sensible meals three times a day.  So this time, without announcing it or previously discussing it, I started in on the tummy play.  Pinching and smacking and pressing and he shot a massive load.  At least ten squirts that alternated between long shots and short.  Long splatter to his neck, then a quick follow-up to his navel, then another to his nipple and a small follow-up that hit his wrist and then another long gusher to the neck...  Well, you get the idea.  The sight was hot and in the middle of that long, sloppy cum load, I shot a really heavy load all over his face as if he decided to dunk his head into a tub of white-colored honey.

Afterwards, he told me he didn't remember me playing with his tummy last time, but remembered that I gave him a royal fucking that he loved.  (And yeah, we fucked this go around too).  And then as I was coming down from the high of sex, I looked at my body next to his and sorta understood why he chased me after so many years.  Funny how body issues works.  I wish I was built more like him and he probably wishes the other way around.  And with the posters of Endless Summer on the wall and other things like that, he seemed to have a definite media-driven body that turned him on.  (But not that I have a chiseled surfer look.  I don't.  But I just approximate it a little bit more.)

Then I wondered why we didn't play more often.  We've known each other for at least 7 years and we've only played  four times.  Twice at his place in hollywood and twice at his place on the west side that he kept just because it was rent-controlled and it was ridiculously cheap.  And we always have a lot of fun.  Maybe it's because he's a bit more aggressive than I like my bottoms to be.  And a bit more verbal (I kinda have to be in a mood for it).  Or maybe I just enjoy being chased.  But I do remember him saying how likes piss play and it's been a damn long time since I've last had a bud to indulge in that with.

I guess I'm just a bit puzzled at why I don't consider him a fuck bud as opposed to a guy that I fuck on occasion.  I was reading about how his boyfriend wants him to be more selective in playing outside the relationship and I kinda started to wonder what my selection criteria is.  I definitely have some.  I'm obviously more inclined to play with one more than the other, have a fuck bud with TooFarCub but only fuck BeefyIndustryGuy every now and then and totally ignore or reject others.  But the pattern is kinda hard to perceive.  But like the whole tummy play thing, I'm just gonna go with it and it'll probably land me with a lot of fun.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Devouring pale

He was lying there face-down, flat on his tummy save for a pillow he was hugging to his chest in such a way as to give a slight arch in his back that accentuated the round mounds of his perfectly smooth bubble-butt.  My hands softly traced this arch, his back as smooth as the rest of him.  Pale-white skin, milky and translucent.  So translucent you can almost see the rush of blood to his ass after I playfully smacked it with the lightest force I could muster given the strong need to just devour him.  Just one small smack and his ass flushed warm.

Fuck!  He was beautiful.  More beautiful than the pics he sent on Grindr.  He messaged me from his hotel room a couple miles away, here for a convention with coworkers in nearby rooms.  His main picture of him holding a full beer mug in the middle of a cobblestone street.  The instagrammy filters that were applied accentuated the cool colors, making his skin more pale, his eyes more blue, and his surroundings more grey.  I had assumed he was from the UK, especially with the pics of his uncut cock, but he was from a more local region where the sun tends to avoid touching skin (the pacific northwest).  I usually go for guys with darker features, but something about him was captivating.

I laid both hands on each globe of his ass and just couldn't hold back.  I feasted on his ass.  Long strokes of the tongue to his balls and back, probing, flicking, sucking.  I couldn't get enough.  I lost time just lapping at his hole and burying my tongue, my nose, my whole face into his perfect ass.  When I looked up, he was already twisted about, head turned behind him to watch me work, his solid blue eyes just staring straight into me.  Without a word, I flipped him all the way over and his legs instinctively flailed in the air until the latched around my back and I fell into him.  Chest to chest, arms reaching under him and pulling him even closer in, his legs pulling me in even more still.  I wanted to smother him.  Forehead to forehead, we paused for a second to stare at each other before we eased into a long, wet kiss that quickly escalated in intensity.  My cock was perfectly aligned to his hole, drooling all along his crack.  I could have easily slipped inside but he hesitated and reached for the condom.

I honestly don't remember the fucking, but I do remember fucking the cum out of him before shooting my own load and tossing the heavy rubber aside.  Even more, what I remember is his rosy, cherub cheeks on my chest as he curled up next to me.  His head rising and falling as I slowly regained my breath.  His leg wrapped around me and the white hot cum that was on his tummy, running onto mine...  as if his smooth pale skin had melted into pearly languid swirls of translucent white that oozed heat onto my darker skin.