Monday, September 16, 2013

Devouring pale

He was lying there face-down, flat on his tummy save for a pillow he was hugging to his chest in such a way as to give a slight arch in his back that accentuated the round mounds of his perfectly smooth bubble-butt.  My hands softly traced this arch, his back as smooth as the rest of him.  Pale-white skin, milky and translucent.  So translucent you can almost see the rush of blood to his ass after I playfully smacked it with the lightest force I could muster given the strong need to just devour him.  Just one small smack and his ass flushed warm.

Fuck!  He was beautiful.  More beautiful than the pics he sent on Grindr.  He messaged me from his hotel room a couple miles away, here for a convention with coworkers in nearby rooms.  His main picture of him holding a full beer mug in the middle of a cobblestone street.  The instagrammy filters that were applied accentuated the cool colors, making his skin more pale, his eyes more blue, and his surroundings more grey.  I had assumed he was from the UK, especially with the pics of his uncut cock, but he was from a more local region where the sun tends to avoid touching skin (the pacific northwest).  I usually go for guys with darker features, but something about him was captivating.

I laid both hands on each globe of his ass and just couldn't hold back.  I feasted on his ass.  Long strokes of the tongue to his balls and back, probing, flicking, sucking.  I couldn't get enough.  I lost time just lapping at his hole and burying my tongue, my nose, my whole face into his perfect ass.  When I looked up, he was already twisted about, head turned behind him to watch me work, his solid blue eyes just staring straight into me.  Without a word, I flipped him all the way over and his legs instinctively flailed in the air until the latched around my back and I fell into him.  Chest to chest, arms reaching under him and pulling him even closer in, his legs pulling me in even more still.  I wanted to smother him.  Forehead to forehead, we paused for a second to stare at each other before we eased into a long, wet kiss that quickly escalated in intensity.  My cock was perfectly aligned to his hole, drooling all along his crack.  I could have easily slipped inside but he hesitated and reached for the condom.

I honestly don't remember the fucking, but I do remember fucking the cum out of him before shooting my own load and tossing the heavy rubber aside.  Even more, what I remember is his rosy, cherub cheeks on my chest as he curled up next to me.  His head rising and falling as I slowly regained my breath.  His leg wrapped around me and the white hot cum that was on his tummy, running onto mine...  as if his smooth pale skin had melted into pearly languid swirls of translucent white that oozed heat onto my darker skin.


PBB46 said...

You are a poet as well as a lover. Thanks for sharing this story and your talent.

Bruce Chang said...

Aww. Thanks! [air hug]