Thursday, September 19, 2013

Musings: The industry, body issues, and fuck buds

Been trying to write up a story about this guy I played with a couple months ago.  Problem is, there's a few different things about this guy that I wanted to write about that I couldn't just focus on one.  So, I'm just going to babble on for a bit instead.

So, I get the sense that when people hate on LA, they're really talking about the "the industry" and the culture that has developed around it.  You get words thrown around like "attitude" and "fake" and I can see how clamoring to break into the industry, people tend to be selective about who they hang around with and things become kinda superficial and all that (I'm just guessing).  But really, the majority of the people I know aren't in that industry at all.  They work in finance or technology or something else.  And the few friends that I have that are cameramen or writers or managers, we hardly talk about it.  If we do, it's to commiserate.  You know, the "I can't believe my damn coworkers and the shit they do"-type stuff.

This guy, let's call him BeefyIndustryGuy, has some job related to the studios and fuck he's fun to play with.  Maybe a couple of inches taller than me but a beefier frame.  You can tell he works out, but he's also settled into his body a bit.  In a good way.  He's a damn, good-lookin' beefy guy.  Curly dirty-blond hair and blue eyes (usually not my thing, but fuck I love his beefy frame...  nothing better than a solid guy that whimpers for your cock in his ass).  We hadn't played in over a year and I remembered him telling me the last time to make fun of his gut and to punch him in the stomach (not to do harm, but to ridicule him).  I went with it and had fun, even though it was weird to do so.  I mean, this guy wasn't fat.  He didn't have rippled six-pack abs either.  But he was an in-shape, good lookin' guy with a larger, broad shouldered frame.  A guy that...  well, enjoyed being healthy and eating sensible meals three times a day.  So this time, without announcing it or previously discussing it, I started in on the tummy play.  Pinching and smacking and pressing and he shot a massive load.  At least ten squirts that alternated between long shots and short.  Long splatter to his neck, then a quick follow-up to his navel, then another to his nipple and a small follow-up that hit his wrist and then another long gusher to the neck...  Well, you get the idea.  The sight was hot and in the middle of that long, sloppy cum load, I shot a really heavy load all over his face as if he decided to dunk his head into a tub of white-colored honey.

Afterwards, he told me he didn't remember me playing with his tummy last time, but remembered that I gave him a royal fucking that he loved.  (And yeah, we fucked this go around too).  And then as I was coming down from the high of sex, I looked at my body next to his and sorta understood why he chased me after so many years.  Funny how body issues works.  I wish I was built more like him and he probably wishes the other way around.  And with the posters of Endless Summer on the wall and other things like that, he seemed to have a definite media-driven body that turned him on.  (But not that I have a chiseled surfer look.  I don't.  But I just approximate it a little bit more.)

Then I wondered why we didn't play more often.  We've known each other for at least 7 years and we've only played  four times.  Twice at his place in hollywood and twice at his place on the west side that he kept just because it was rent-controlled and it was ridiculously cheap.  And we always have a lot of fun.  Maybe it's because he's a bit more aggressive than I like my bottoms to be.  And a bit more verbal (I kinda have to be in a mood for it).  Or maybe I just enjoy being chased.  But I do remember him saying how likes piss play and it's been a damn long time since I've last had a bud to indulge in that with.

I guess I'm just a bit puzzled at why I don't consider him a fuck bud as opposed to a guy that I fuck on occasion.  I was reading about how his boyfriend wants him to be more selective in playing outside the relationship and I kinda started to wonder what my selection criteria is.  I definitely have some.  I'm obviously more inclined to play with one more than the other, have a fuck bud with TooFarCub but only fuck BeefyIndustryGuy every now and then and totally ignore or reject others.  But the pattern is kinda hard to perceive.  But like the whole tummy play thing, I'm just gonna go with it and it'll probably land me with a lot of fun.

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