Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Threeways... again (part 1)

The surprise of a great night with two guys where all the variables could go horribly wrong but instead aligned and went incredibly right made me greedy for more.  Two more encounters, in fact, with likewise yin and yang results.  It's the law of averages.  Or just a balanced equation.

So GeekyCub kept on hounding me about MusclePecs kid (the kid that got all worked up about the parking and then flaked out) to the point where I felt like an exploited cheap conduit for easy uncut cock.  But, you gotta love a guy that's gloriously furry and can fire off fireballs of seminal fluid with the distance and speed of a Gatling gun so really how can you say no? 

New motel, cheap and seedy.  One you think that would rent by the hour if it weren't for the brand name that was posted outside, but with the requisite ample free parking.  GeekyCub arrived early so we decided to go for some bad asian food takeout and bring it back to the room.  We scarfed it down pretty quick at the standard round Formica table before attacking each other in bed waiting for MusclePecs to arrive.  Food and sex.  Why not fill the room with aromas from both basic impulses as bait for a third.

And he arrived looking younger than I thought he'd be.  And shy as hell.  Funny how these kids hide behind a fake bravado, an over-the-top caricature of strength built to rope in the tenuous strings of electronic pulses spanning physical barriers, vague details grotesquely amplified to reach the radar of a possible connection miles away.  I practically had to pick him up and place him in bed to play out the scene that he called out over IM: two guys working on his nips and cock to climax.  

Acrobatic gestures as we maneuvered around each other on the springy mattress, riding waves from the various tempos in which cocks were sucked.

Apparently, I was the more aggressive one, hearing MusclePecs gasp and then his hand fly up to my head when I was nibbling on his nips.  Alternating between rough and light play, jarring his senses when his body got used to a soft flick of the tongue by sucking it in hard or rolling it between my tongue and teeth.

GeekyCub was ready to blow on several occasions, pulling guys off his dick whenever he got close to the edge.  He was loving MusclePec's uncut meat.  Not as long or thick as you'd think from his pics, but a nice mouthful.  And GeekyCub was tangy, oozing sex and scents from his exertions.  The taste of his precum and the slightly acrid scent hit me as I gobbled him down.  I didn't let up when he tried to pull me off and savored the sensation of his cock pulsing in my mouth and down my throat for a long minute, not letting up even as he was convulsing post-climax.  Gotta say, it was good in my head but just not as satisfying as seeing him shoot and letting it fly.  I needed that visual.

And I later got it as we settled back to original scene, working each of MusclePecs nips while we all jerked off, firing in rapid succession.  Even for his second load, GeekyCub's load damn impressive.  I made a note to try to work my bone up GeekyCub next time.  It might take a bit of work though.  As I was coming down, quite satisfied and happy that the attraction went all three ways and the chemistry was great, it still felt like something was missing. So, next time I had an opportunity for some group play, I made sure fucking was on the table.

(Second part to this will come in a couple of days...  Sorry for the delay guys!)


Upton King said...
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Upton King said...

That - is some great writing. Hit me right where I live. Very hot... thanks for sharing. - Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks man! And I really enjoy your writing... Not sure if I ever explicitly said how honored I am to get a glimpse of what you share.

xxxaznboi said...

Nice read. I've been anxiously waiting for a new post from you.

Bruce Chang said...

I know. It was over a month! Didn't realize that. I guess I was too busy fucking! ha!