Saturday, November 23, 2013

Threeways... again (part 2)

You can't fake chemistry.

So there I was snapping pics as the kid we found on craigslist was bouncing on my buddy's thick cock in our hotel room.  I already had my turn, but it only lasted a minute or so before it was like mashing a wet noodle against the wall.

The kid was hot, though.  Lean, small, a dick that was angry red and throbbing the minute his shorts hit the floor.  Normally, a guy I'd love to toss around.  But it just wasn't working out.

Maybe it was the things coming out of this guy's mouth.  He supposedly just ran a half marathon earlier in the day.  And was straight with a girlfriend.  Never had a threeway.  But there was a litany of "no's" that just made me wonder what the hell he wanted to do.  A bottom, but no kissing (total buzz kill).  In fact, nothing goes into his mouth.  Safe only (which isn't really a problem with me... hey, some people enjoy the sex better wrapped and others raw and I wanna make sure we all have a good time - just don't start talking to me like I'm a leper - like this guy - 'cause it's gonna be a little distracting).

And he kept on saying, "You guys are so hot!"  For some reason, I doubted him.  I also doubt my buddy (let's call him MegaThick) too when he says stuff like that, but it a different way.  He's such a sweet-talker.  The guy that sounds so genuine and is so disarming that I know how easily he gets guys in bed.  He's so good, he can verbally stroke a guy to orgasm, his words invisible sound waves that dances over a boy's body and tickles him behind the ear to make him blush and flower open.  He makes you want to live up to his words.

So, one guy totally sweetly authentic and another guy a little suspect.  For me, total disaster.

MegaThick and I were playing and stroking and rolling around in bed for over an hour waiting to seal the deal with the kid and get his ass over.  It was nice to get reacquainted.  Sucking him, though, was like getting an appetizer that was advertised as a single bite but inappropriately sized.  I had to distract him with platonic catch up talk just so that he'd go soft and I could fit him in my mouth.  He's definitely a grower.  Soft, he almost looks like he's uncut.  As I worked it in my mouth, though, it swelled up to the size of a chubby baby's arm.  When I tickled his balls a bit, the soft flesh that already ballooned out to force every possible space of air out of my mouth then turned rigid and pulsed into my throat, making me tear up and gag.

We were swapping head when the kid knocked.  Jumped up, naked, ran to the door and let him in.  Brief head nod and a smile, telling him to join in when he's ready, before I jumped back in bed to resume the activities with MegaThick.

That's when he exclaimed the first of his abrupt "You guys are so hot!" proclamations.  But it must have been somewhat true 'cause he was already hard in his shorts within the first couple seconds of stepping into the room.  He easily folded into our arms in bed but the play was punctuated with a few reproaches when we crossed a line.  I had to concentrate on my time with MegaThick to get my meat inside him.  When it didn't work out, I concentrated on getting MegaThick turned on to watch him fuck.

And damn, that was quite a site.  Loved watching a big 6'2" 250# bear of a man dominate this little 5'6" kid and split him in half with his thick cock.  And the kid loved it.  On his back, on his knees, and finally riding it while MegaThick was on his back and lifting the kid's ass up and down until the kid squirted.  It was hot.

We then sorta kicked the kid out while we got back to having fun with each other and bringing each other off.  Had dinner.  Then right before we got into our cars to go our separate ways, he says, "Love spending time with you, in and out of bed: the one guy that makes me wish I were a bottom and one I can see losing my virginity to."

See?  Such a sweet-talker!  Ha!


NotThatIntriguingAtAll said...

Was I the only one who stopped at "Let's call him Megathick"? I want to know more, he sounds amazing.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! He's a great guy. Claims that he has to go through a progression to get a guy loosened up. First, the guy has to ease onto him at his own pace by lowering himself on and riding him. Then doggie to get used to bring man handled and then missionary. And he's definitely a grower. You wouldn't know he was that thick if you casually saw him naked.

sc57 said...

Wow! I want to meet you and him. You truly are great to top me and MegaThick to play with and go through his progression for this tight bottom.

Bruce Chang said...

What are you waiting for? Come on over! My lap is lonely... :-)