Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snapshot: Animal print

What I remember the most was the leopard print blanket he had on his bed.  It was incredibly soft and had that nice velvety, slick feel that only synthentic, simulated fur can create.  Completely out of place in his apartment full of tidy and strong, clean masculine lines.  But I can't help but make the contrived and cliched comparison to his raw, animalistic passion he had in the sack, that no matter how out of place that blanket was in his abode it fully suited him on his bed.

He's a blond bloke that I thought was way younger than his actual years.  Perhaps it was the short, military buzz cut or the fact that he was both working full time and going to school to get a degree.  But after several minutes where our bodies were in sync, where he seemed to luxuriate in just the contact of my skin so much so that I had this strong desire to just melt onto him so that I could smother every square centimeter of his exposed surface and seep deep into the valleys that were not so exposed, that level of chemistry comes from exploiting instinctual details, a skill that isn't afforded to the inexperienced.  And then I ended up on my back with him straddling me and his eyes were searching mine for something before he smiled so genuinely, his eyes crinkled at the corners to finally show a bit of age.  I didn't realize it, but what he was searching for was some sort of permission, some signal that I was okay with pushing me to the next level as he aimed my raw cock at his hole and started to sink down with nothing but the goo that my cock was pulsing out and some dried up drool of his from having it lodged in his throat a few minutes earlier.  He spent some time trying to relax, giving me goosebumps as his hole tightened and gave way to my hard cock as he sank down on it.  All the way down.  Sitting on my lap fully impaled.  When he hit bottom, I wanted to cum so bad.  I sat up a bit and reached behind him, up his back to both pull him to me chest to chest and pull him down by the shoulders to get deeper in him still.

Melt. Melt into him this time.

That feeling just lasted a second or two before we were back to the writhing and the fumbling, rolling around on his bed while I sawed my bone into him from several positions, finding one that suited me fine and let loose with my load.  He flopped back and forth from being hard and just kinda chubbed up.  Never came.  But as we lie panting, trying to recover afterwards, no mistaking that the beast was satisfied.

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