Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snapshot: The divorcee

So, following on the heels of my previous post, another thing I've found that people lie about is the whole gay/straight thing.  Played with a few "bi" guys and "married" guys even though they had pictures of them and their boyfriend plastered all over their walls.  But this guy was legit.  The amount of experience he had (guy or girl) was in the single digits.  But two hands, at least.

Recently divorced and still struggling to figure things out.  Not a guy that you'd typically say is hot, but he's a fucking stud.  Meaty, gnarled, bulldog face with a nose that's been through hell.  Hockey player, football player.  One of those faces that just oozes physicality and masculinity.  Broad shouldered.  A former farmboy from what I later pieced out.  A fucking big brawny stud and he doesn't even know it.

Contrast that with the delicate nature of his predicament.  His whole world's been turned upside down.  Recovering alcoholic.  Reorganizing his religious faith.  A towering build of strength on the cusp of breaking down.

Light, tentative touch.  Unsure but insistent.  Hungry.  Uncertain.  He tensed up big-time when my tongue snaked down past his balls to his ass.  "Too gay?" I asked, jokingly.  He let out a howl of laughter that came from his core, deep and booming.  "Yeah, I think so," he responded.

I could tell he was swimming in and out of his head, fighting off the demons to enjoy what he craved so much.  His cock went from rock hard and throbbing to soft to hard again in my mouth.  And when he returned the favor, it was with a hunger and passion that made me cry out in surprise.  I pulsed my load into his mouth mere moments after he started to lap at it.  The tortured beauty.  Completely exposed.  Vulnerable.  It's agonizingly beautiful when a soul lies exposed and raw before you, close enough to touch.

We laid there in a tangled mass afterwards and I felt him slowly let go in my arms.  He became heavy, his breathing more regular but fully awake and present.  Lucid eyes that just languidly stared at me.  And I took comfort in the fact that for at least a brief moment, now, he's able to chase those demons away and be at rest.

So...  you know what I said about loving an experienced pig?  Well, newbies are kinda fun too!


BikeGuy said...

i like this entry more than I should. : )

CoolTop said...

I've been with these guys and am always struck by exactly what you say here-- the contrast between how masculine they present themselves with that tentative-but-starving sexual nature. It's definitely a turn on, especially when you fuck them :^]

Bruce Chang said...

Because you're trying hard not to be the guy that corrupts the innocent? =)

Bruce Chang said...

Oh, I wanted to fill him up with all of me so bad. But I think it would have taken a bit to get there. Quick update: he found a guy and they're monogamously dating. I offered to get together for platonic coffee but I know better and need to keep my grubby paws off. I don't think he needs more drama in his life right now. Ha!