Monday, December 30, 2013

Snapshot: Quickie with a big one

Fucking a hung guy is a bit of a bonus.  I mean, it's kinda a waste for what I'm into but it's also kinda nice to have a big hard cock flopping around while you're drilling a guy or something meaty and hefty to paw at that responds to your thrusts.  I think I'm pretty close to being right smack dab in the middle of the bell curve so I pretty much think everyone is "my size" and falls within a half inch or so on either side of me.  Now, I've been told I need to get my glasses checked because I'm way off on depth perception and spatial relations, cutting my self a little short but I chalk that up to weird proportions (I'm a smaller guy so average can look big) and the Asian stereotype working for me (average looks huge when you're expecting something small, right? Ha!).  Every now and then a guy drops trou and you can't help but let out a whistle and be a little impressed.

I was on my way to work when I fired up Grindr.  And then I was in this guy's apartment in record time.  It pays to be direct, but I'm sure it was also just a fortunate confluence of events that led me to find a cock-starved guy who's partner was in France on business, thus able to and more than willing to host a quick hookup before work.  Within minutes of arriving, I was laying down on my back with him straddling me, riding my cock.  Nice broad shoulders.  Shaved head.  Trimmed chest.  He leans back a little and rests his weight on his hands behind him, doing little pelvic thrusts that raise and lower him onto my cock.  He's miming a fuck, which impales him on my cock.  Lets his head roll back and just gets lost on the sensation while I watch as his abs contract just so with each thrust.  Hot guy.  Well defined chest, flat stomach.  Triceps that bulge as they support the weight on his hands.

And this hard, huge fucking cock bouncing and flopping all around in front of me.

I resist the temptation to grab it.  He seems like he's lost on the sensations and ready to pop and I wasn't anywhere near close.  He was using my cock for his pleasure and it was time for me to guide him the other way around.  I grabbed his hips and guided his ass to fuck the full length of my cock, raising his hips until his ass was gripping onto the crown of my cock in protest before letting go and having his weight slam him down to the root.  His skin felt rubbery and loose, yielding and sliding over the hard, taut muscles.  That tactile feel was a little unexpected, so I flipped him over onto his back before I couldn't be distracted by it.  Legs over my shoulders, I pummeled my cock into his ass.  Full force fucks driving his shoulders up and up, til he's almost dangling off the bed.  Letting one leg slide off and over to the side, I now had access to palm his long and meaty cock.  That was all he needed to shoot.  I, on the other hand, needed a little more and I know I was probably hurting the dude but I was so close.  Just a few more thrusts and I was emptying my nuts.

It was a strong orgasm.  When things came back to focus, I realized I had already rolled off him but still had his cock in my fist.  Hm.  Maybe I'm a closeted size queen afterall.


CoolTop said...

A big dick is never a waste for anything. Big dicks are fucking awesome. I wish I had one. Me, I love fucking hung dudes from behind… somehow having a big dick in my hand while I drill a guy or eat his ass out is incredibly exciting. I'm not a size queen-- I'll take a pretty, smaller dick over a giant, ugly one any day-- but God, big dicks turn me on.

Bruce Chang said...

Um... I think you've posted a dick pic at one point and I don't remember it being entirely small. Or maybe I get confused with the big words you toss around on your blog. =)

CoolTop said...

Oh I'm not small, but I'm just dismally average, so size queens turn me down. I always feel like if I had another inch my entire life would be transformed. JUST ONE MORE INCH