Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Snapshot: Virgin?

Happy holidays folks!  Hope everyone has a day of warm fuzzies with friends and family on this chilly day (well, chilly if you're in the northern hemisphere).

One of the really funny stories from RobTheBreeder's vault is one where he's a kid cruising the rest stop and, utilizing his young age, appealed to the taboo nature of being with someone so young by feigning inexperience until one of the guys that was fucking him noted how it was the second time he took RobTheBreeder's "virginity."  Ha!  It's funny how some guys lie about things like that.  So I'm standing there in a guy's bathroom washing my cock (I'll give him points for trying to go ass to mouth and then being honest when he said he couldn't take my cock anymore) wondering if it really was his first time.  Some guys claim to be tops and a virgin to bottoming yet have asses so loose that you could lose a Ford pickup back there.  His wasn't that loose.  But I did have reason to doubt.  He's a bit shy in letting on how much of a pig he really is.

He 'fessed up to a lie earlier in the month where he cancelled on me at the last minute because of a "family emergency."  With him being one of my regulars, I gave him a few days followed by an earnest note of concern, asking how he was holding up.  Well, turned out the reason he cancelled was because the boy from the night before was still in his bed when I started to head over.  Ha!  Had a good laugh at that.  It would have been hot to find the two of them in bed together and join in, but that might be one of those porn scenarios that works out better in fantasy than reality.  And after he told me, he sent me a pic of the kid.  Cute kid.  Dark features, handsome face.  And it was a pic I've seen about a year earlier when another fuck bud of mine asked if I wanted share this kid as a bottom.  It didn't work out back then and judging by my two buds, he definitely has a type and I'm not it.  Shaved head, fuzzy chested older daddy type is what he's after.

So, when my bud tells me that just a few moments before, I was the first to fuck my bone into him, was he honest?  Or was it just another example of him trying to save his image, acting all coy and chaste.  Not that it really mattered.  His ass felt great.  One of the more interesting ones as I ate it out and worked my meat in.  He has a deep hole.  Almost an extra hole before you actually get to his sphincter.  A flap of skin?  Webbing?  Something.  I can pull his glorious round molds apart and get the crown of my cock completely enveloped by his ass before I actually meet his hole.  And when I worked my bare cock inside him, I had to struggle to figure out when he was opening up.  But when I was fully in, it was tight as hell.  And it felt like several rings were undulating across my shaft with that extra ring.  And I'm not talking about that extra ring deep inside.  An extra outer ring.  He couldn't take a full assault on his ass (or at least he claimed) so I was content to just lie on top of him, chest to his back, full weight on top of him with my arm under him pulling me to him and smothering him with my weight, pulsing my dick every few seconds and feel his ass clench and quiver in response.  Even after being poppered up and a bit drunk, he had to call me off.

It was fine.  What he couldn't take he made up for with his head hanging off the side of the bed with a full on throat fuck before I mashed myself hard against his face for my final thrust and shot my load directly down his throat.  Almost made it through without gagging, but I think I blocked his breathing passages too long while I was cumming.  Still amazed at how he could take it.  Something that only a guy that's had some practice can pull off.  Did I really bust his cherry?  I dunno.  But I much prefer him being an experienced pig.


BetweenUsGuys said...

Fuck, it would have been so nice if you could have just joined them in the bed and had a nice piggy threesome.

I love being throat fucked like that though. And yea, it's nice to have an experienced pig to have lots of fun with. :)

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have minded! But then I have to remember that people's tastes aren't always as broad as mine. And threesomes are kinda weird when the attraction doesn't flow in every direction. Kinda funny when you've been in the game so long that you start bumping into people in different contexts, though!