Saturday, February 8, 2014

Geeky Kiwi

I was rock hard and deep inside him, trying my best to keep still and just relish in the feeling of his ass spasming around my cock as he came down from his orgasm.  Small movements, little waves.  Testing to see if he's done or if he's ready for some more.  He doesn't resist and when I cock my head to the side in a gesture to ask if he's okay, he nods and answers in the affirmative.  I forget what he says.  Either an "I'm good", "I'm fine" or something of the sort and I take that opportunity to ask something that was nagging me from the start.

"Is that...  Australian?"  Not British, not...  well, wasn't sure what.  Nope.  Turns out he's from New Zealand.

He was in town for a SciFi convention.  And he totally geeked out when I first stepped into his hotel room and inquired about the three large plastic crates sitting in the corner.  Merchandise to be sold, some freshly bought.  Then he started talking about panels he participated in.  Animated tones that was so endearing that I just had to smile.

I found him on Growlr, really close by and the distance told me he was a downtown visitor.  The profile pic was a bit blurry.  Shirtless but with a cap on and that scares me.  A cap totally changes the shape of the head and sometimes when the jig is up and the cap comes off I involuntarily go fist to mouth trying to stifle a gasp.  So I was a little relieved when he had answered the door without the cap and his neatly groomed hair accentuated his finely tuned facial features, perfectly proportioned and so damn cute.  Especially as he rambled on and on about the convention.  So I pounced and silenced him with a deep kiss.  We were exactly the same height, so it was just a slight tilt of the head and we fit perfectly together.  Pulling him close, I felt him melt into me a little before he resisted and then suddenly drop lower, lift me up and threw me on the bed.

That made me laugh.  Probably not quite the most appropriate response but it was out before I could filter it.  I knew from the way he folded into my kiss that he wasn't trying to out-top me or anything.  We just fit too well together.  I could feel the temporary surrender and his body yielding right before he resisted.  So I pulled him down to me on the bed and rolled over on top, only to feel his legs come up and wrap so easily around me, a position that was so natural we seemed to snap back into that space after repeated interludes where we fumbled out of clothes.  I unzipped him to reveal a nice designer jock, complete with some leather lacing tying up the front.  Superhero red, of course.  And I left that on him while we settled back into that embrace where he'd clutch me to him on his back while my body hovered over him and enveloped him.

Nuzzle the neck.  Tentative kiss.  Hungry, angry face sucking.  Back to a gentle scrape of his beard on my cheek.

It was quite noticeable the way his cock pulsed against me when I lapped at his nips.  And, as always, curious to see exactly how wired his nips were I tested his limits and couldn't find any.  The harder I worked them, the harder his cock strained against me.  And then I'd let up and twirl with my tongue to hear a moan escape.  Back and forth until I couldn't take it anymore and ripped off his jock to let his cock free.  Uncut.  Big mushroom head.  The kind that lodges in the back of your throat and chokes you when you try to suck it down. Red-faced and light-headed from being deprived of air, I couldn't take it anymore and had to get inside him.  Ignoring the condoms laid out on the nightstand, I spat on his hole and worked some on my cock before applying some pressure.  With just a flick of a finger across his nipple, I popped inside.

With a frenzy and a hunger, I fucked him hard and fast, holding onto his meaty, thick cock and relishing the heft of it as I pounded away, feeling it pulse in my hand and feeling the warmth of him from the inside.  Even though I was overloaded from all the sensations, it was he that came first.  I was too wrapped up in it to even realize he was that close.  I would have let go of his cock if I'd have known.  And just as I was cursing my luck, about to pull out, I realized that he made no moves to get me off him.  In fact, he was still hard.

That's when I asked him if it was alright if I just stayed inside.  And then had a little bit of small talk about his country of origin.  Just trying to get over that hump before he's fully in the mood again.  I slow fucked him, focusing on making him feel every ridge of my cock as I slowly moved in and almost all the way out.  A lazy fuck as my hands explored his body.  And as my body began to feel heavy, I settled in on top of him and we made out.  Nice, gentle small movements in and out of his ass while our lips explored the many different ways they fit together.

I felt my load start to rise and just as lazily let it loose inside him and he sighed, feeling it pulse into him.

I was spent, but still completely hard.  I rolled over onto my back to catch my breath only to feel him pounce on me, impaling himself on me, and mashing himself hard against me to get me in as deep as possible.  Furiously jerking his cock until he released his second load all over me.

I was still completely spent and just smiled as he used me to get off.  After he came, I just pulled him down to me and we started to stick together as I drifted in and out of sleep.  I didn't realize it but he actually only had a few hours to get cleaned up and head to the airport to go home.  So he woke up from a lazy nap with a start and we quickly showered and dressed.  He had a 6 hour layover somewhere.  Kinda wondered if he'd recharge as easily as he did before and hunt for another play bud.


CoolTop said...

The hat/sunglasses thing is so funny. It shows the poignant, hopeful nature of the horny male mind. The last time I put up an ad to get my meat serviced on Craigslist, one of the replies showed a really hot Italian-looking guy with a heavy stubbled jaw, sexy features, thick neck, hot shoulders, but big sunglasses and a hat on top. My dick twitched-- most of him looked like the best thing I can picture between my legs with my dick in its mouth-- but I prudently asked for a clear face pic without accessories first. And he sent another picture that I was completely not attracted to. Thinking the first pic wasn't even him but a decoy, I compared them side-by-side. And it *was* him; a feature-by-feature comparison showed he wasn't faking. And suddenly I could perfectly see the not-attractive face in the dick-twitching pic, and all of its attraction for me drained away-- he wasn't even the same kind of guy in that picture any more. The sunglasses and hat were perfect for him, though.

Invisibleman46 said...

this is beautifully written

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! I love the positive spin you have on it. I'm about 25% on asking for a follow up pic... Cause I wanna hold onto that fantasy of what I think he looks like behind the disguise. Or maybe because in the end, a guy that follows through is better than none at all! And when you described the Italian guy, I immediately pictured myself with jeans handcuffing my thighs as I'm humping a monitor. Woof! And thanks for picking up on the thread that leads me to my next entry (I swear, I feel like I'm making a mix tape and trying to blend the end of one song into the next! I'm just gonna go chronologically after I catch up)

Bruce Chang said...

Aw, thanks bud!
And as much as I enjoy the eye candy on your tumblr, I gotta say that the squiggles you punch out on a screen deeply resounds with my synapses in a much more exciting way. Or in other words, I like your writing too! ;-)