Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snapshot: The cub or the pup and awkward statements

Okay, so it's not the most flattering thing to compare a guy to my dog, but I couldn't help it.  There I was, laying on his bed with globs of his cum all over me.  Most of it his.  He had made it rain down on me in chunks.  Not casting long ribbons of line from his rod but huge jets of chunky thick milk that flew high in the air before it landed in large clumps of shrapnel on my body.  That was enough to make me spray my own load that I jerked out with much less dramatic fanfare.  So there I was covered in sweet filth and he looks intently into my eyes, cocks his head to the side just so and says, "You're really handsome for an asian..."  I swear, if he had a tail, it'd be wagging.  It's that look of befuddlement and wonder that I get from my pup when I baby-talk to him.  

Okay, maybe not the most flattering of comparisons but I meant that it was oozing cute adorable flavors.  And it's just a tad appropriate given his rather odd compliment.

"Thanks.  I know. 'Cause I make a damn fugly black guy, over-ripe and hitting every damn branch falling off the fugly tree."

A groan, and then, "C'mon, you know that's not what I meant..."  Then he immediately followed it with some witty smart-ass remark.  And that's what I remember most about the guy.  He was a cute cubbish kid.  Early thirties and just dropped quite a number of pounds off his 6'4" frame and [still] looking really good.  But I remember his playful banter more than anything else.  Above and beyond how great it felt when he pinned me down with his weight.  More than the fact that I felt like I was struggling kinda hard maneuvering his legs while I dry humped him, sorta like a lone guy trying to move a king-sized mattress up a flight of stairs all by himself.  More than his talented throat that took me to the root with ease over and over.  More than his full, gentle lips that played over mine just the right way to send a shock right down my spine.  I remembered how defiantly clever he was and a bit at odds with the generally archetype of a dry, rigid banker.

I think I also razzed him about letting his standards slide for me and he countered with some remark on my literacy since his ad specified a preference for white guys and latinos.  I really don't remember the details on that but I do remember that it was all playful and fun and quickly moved off the politics of race and attraction to other matters.  And through it all, the specifics are rather tortured and problematic in the political sense but were rooted in a sense of deep empathy, of kindred spirits that harmonized in comic relief.  Sorta just as awkward as me describing an adorably cute and quick-witted guy that sweetly occupies a corner in my thoughts as...  well... as an overgrown dog.

Wasn't quite what I meant.