Wednesday, April 30, 2014



It's a rare phenomenon.  Every once in awhile, no matter how many pics are exchanged, you end up standing in front of a guy's house and he opens the door and your eyes felt like they just spooged on the stoop because he's so goddamn surprisingly handsome it should be outlawed. And in even rarer instances, you immediately feel like that physical attraction is paid right back in equal terms.  Exactly equal.  No catalysts needed.  Just put them side by side and things explode.  And it's enough to overcome a few obstacles that would make a connection less likely to succeed.

He plucked my ad off the craigslist listings, obviously only half heeding the message that was contained in it.  His response to the ad was pretty straight-forward.  He sent a body pic and asked for a face pic in return.  And the exchange was less than ideal: my perfectly focused pic for a blurred out mug shot that looked like it came from the DMV.  Yeah.  Whatever.  Didn't give it any high hopes, but two days later I decided to drop him a line before I met some buds at the beach to play volleyball, asking if he wanted to meet up after.  Surprisingly, he eagerly responded and a few hours later there I was at his door crawling around and patting the floor trying to find the jaw that I just dropped.

And apparently that initial reaction was enough to carry us through a really compelling time in each other's company.

The reason why I'm making a huge fuss over it is because we are hardly a match.  If you fed the likes and dislikes though the computer, it'd never put us together.  His no-nonsense initial reply was later toned down with soft suggestions of getting together for dinner and to "hang out".  In person, he was coy and shy, deflecting my advances with chaste kisses and distracting me with offers of water or crumpets and tea or walks along the beach.  I felt like a bull in a china shop.  Me: basically naked with a towel around my waist (I needed to shower to get the sand off me and well, why bother with the clothes when they're going to come off anyway?).  Him: fully clothed and turning his head when I went in for a kiss.  Then he'd swoop in for a quick peck on the lips.  My paws were all over him while he squirmed away.  And then he'd reel me in for another quick kiss.  And when he spoke, our eyes would connect for a brief moment here and there where I felt like he wanted me just as bad but was utterly embarrassed about it.  And then his eyes would dart away to conceal themselves.  When I pulled him into a hug, I could feel him starting to chub up and fill out his shorts.

We finally crashed on his bed and I somehow managed to get him to take off his shirt, I pulled him to and he curled up into me, resting his head on my chest.  I was pretending to watch TV while my hands idly played with his chest, fingers softly running over his arms what were tightly muscled.  Very little fat padding that body.  His chest was equally taught and his shoulders showed lots of strain from hard work.  No chiseled abs or anything, just a hard body used to hard labor and a good diet.  And when I looked over, he shorts were tenting proudly as his cock was pulsing and ready for attention.  Instead, I used my other hand to reach over, thumb and index finger lightly pulling his chin up to turn his smoothly angled face up so that his soft lips met mine.  And when he finally let go and gave himself into the kiss, he was damned good.  He was deliberate yet gave ample opportunity for me to lead.  Rush in, retract, and rush back in again.  Back and forth, soft and hard.

By the time he worked his way down and his hot breath singed the head of my cock, I yelped and writhed.  Then I grabbed his head tightly and shoved him down on my cock.  Enough of the teasing.  I wanted his throat!

But damn if he wasn't a bit too toothy.  And he bobbed up and down at a frantic pace that did nothing for me.  Whereas before when he was slow and I wanted to run him over with a truck with my advances, I now wanted him to ease up at a languid pace when he finally got his lips around my cock.  He was ready to suck everything down like a kid in a candy shop with two minutes to live.  Even as I grabbed his head to guide him, he wouldn't let up.  But it was that attraction that pulled me through despite it all and I held his head still when he tried to pull off so I could cum down his damn throat.  And I then fucked it down.  I let go as my body was a wreck in spasms but he kept on me, milking me of the last drops.  And then he kept going.  I tried to pry him off my sensitive cock as he sent another wave of spasms across my body but was thwarted by his will until I managed to grab his close cropped hair in a fist and pull him off.

"You fucking bastard!" I cried as I was coming down.

He giggled like a catholic school girl at a porn shop and then gently nuzzled my cock one more time before falling back on the bed.

I was still fucking turned on, so I swooped down and started to suck him in earnest, surprising him a bit.  And mere seconds later, he was softly moaning how he was about to cum.  Polite warnings which I paid no attention to as I felt him blast jet after jet into the back of my throat.

I was nice.  I only sucked a second or two longer than was necessary on his sensitive cock, to which he smiled and softly laughed.

Two guys apparently looking for two different styles of hookups: me rough and tumble while him more sweet and sensitive.  And at first glance there shouldn't be anything that would make this stick but you don't get that feedback of reciprocity in raw attraction often enough so you overlook the awkward fits and starts and focus on how satisfying it is to marinate on that electricity between the pair of you, culminated and symbolized in a load in each of your bellies.


Explorer Jack said...

And why is it that after such a successful hookup, when one leaves hopeful that there was something more, perhaps a friendship, a regular buddy, or dare I mention it, a budding romantic relationship, the other guy falls silent and is never heard from again?

Bruce Chang said...

Because we are easily distracted by the promise of something even better at the next swipe of an app! :-)
But I know what you mean. Not even a friendly response to say, yeah, maybe next week. Sometimes all you get is silence and you think, did I totally read him wrong?
This guy, though, immediately wrote back trying to set something up later. But still, the same lets go out for dinner and then hang out. Hmm...

Zen Mann Silver said...

I guess the question to ask now is: Is it worth it going through that initial awkwardness into the creamy center of jizzed satisfaction?