Monday, June 9, 2014

Musings: Stereotypes

Did I just make it up or do Bartenders have a reputation of being kinda slutty?

I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't pursue him much.  He's actually totally hot.  A younger, shorter version of Keith Colburn of the Deadliest Catch (who I actually bumped into in Seattle one time... Keith, that is, not this doppelganger that I'm talking about).  But in reality, this bartender guy is actually just a really genuine and nice guy that doesn't have sex with his partner anymore but rarely gets a chance to hook up.  I'm sure he gets hit on at the bar he manages, but he also doesn't want to get razzed by his subordinates, I'm sure.

This all came out after I got over my preconceived notions of who he was and asked him to meet me at the local bathhouse for a quick nooner.  It wasn't for group sex.  Just needed a cheap place to play.  And I'm glad I asked him to meet me.  Love getting my hands on and manipulating shorter blokes, especially when they're so eager and hot for your cock.  And he didn't mind sucking face after I dove in to rim him and practically did a deep motorboat on his ass for several long minutes.  He didn't recoil from smelling his musk on me.  And I fucked him in five or six acrobatic positions before I grabbed his cock and milked the cum out of him while sawing my raw dick into his ass.

And then it hit me.  Why the hell was I acting a prude when I'm fucking a dozen different guys over the span of a couple weeks?

Bartenders?  Maybe slutty, maybe not.  Bruce Chang?  Total fucking whore.  'Cause let's review the 24 hours after this hookup: I had to fight off the urge to cum inside the bartender (and trust me, that's hard as hell with a little firecracker like him milking you) 'cause I had plans to meet up an old fuck bud in Hollywood.  When I got to my bud's house that evening, he fucking gave me blue balls.  Fucking dork.  He programmed the wrong name into his phone and was totally surprised when I showed up.  Got a bit awkward so I left after spending an hour or so catching up platonically.  Then, I didn't want to go home so I checked into a bathhouse in the neighborhood (yeah, that's two different ones in one day, now).  But dammit if I wasn't tired and not one of the guys perked any interest...  So I just spent the wee hours of the night trying (emphasis on trying, but kinda hard to do with blaring music and porn sounds coming out of every room) to catch some sleep.  The next morning, I suddenly realize that I was in my other buddy's neighborhood and two seconds later he messaged me on Grindr wondering why I didn't swing by and sleep there (I think he was surprised I showed up in such close proximity).  It's bad when your fuck bud roster is so full you forget about a few of them (but I have to say that's not as bad as programming the wrong trick into your phone and having the wrong fuck bud show up at your door...  just sayin'...).  I would have stopped by this other Hollywood bud's place but I was headed elsewhere.  Where?  To a muscle-bear's house that I've been chasing for a couple months and, as a result of this meeting after the bathhouse, finally got my raw cock up his ass while he squirted a load on me.

To keep up the stereotype, though, I think I need to update the occupation field in my profile to read: Wannabe Bartender.


Zen Mann Silver said...

LOL. Dude, I thought blogging about our sex and tweeting about our sex makes you a class A-Whore? Am I missing some qualifications?

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Doesn't everyone do that? It's _so_ last millennium to hook up in silence,,,

BikeGuy said...

Bruce Chang: whore. You should be a bartender. :)