Thursday, June 5, 2014

Snapshot: DP

I waited until the second time he invited me over to play with him and his fuck buddy.  I wanted to make sure that the chemistry was right...  and that physically, his bud had the equipment to pull it off.  The funny thing about it is that I knew he had a hard time taking us on but I just knew he'd want it after I forced the hand.  I knew he'd want to see if he can take two cocks at once.

He's a bit chatty.  An active bottom but not always in the best of ways.  Borderline bossy.  It's all with an eye of an avid porn viewer, reproducing what he's seen regardless of whether or not the reality is as good as the fantasy.  He begs for us to use him, but when we slam it home, he pulls off only to beg to get drilled deep again.  He bucks against us as we fuck, trying to mimic what he sees in the porn flicks despite the fact that he usually bucks us off rather than milk us of our loads.  And when his buddy with a fat 8 inch cock hammered it into him for a good minute or so, I knew I could easily manipulate him to trying to get two dicks in his ass.  Why?  Because I fucking wanted it.  And because I knew the thought of it would make him want to try.  The perceived depravity of it all would pull him through and supersede the doubts of pain and turn physical limits into possibilities.

So when his fuck bud hammered it home too hard and he pulled off, I used that moment to flop on the bed and order him to ride me.  I knew what angle would work so that I could hold anchor while his bud, who was still there at the foot of the bed, moved into the space I left to crawl in and push his cock on through.  When the bottom climbed on top and sank all the way down to the root, I looked over his shoulder to the other top and our eyes connected.  And I didn't break gaze until I knew he and I were silently of the same mind, spreading the ass of the bottom and forcing the bottom to bend over and flop on top of me.  I held the bottom close, distracting him with a deep kiss as the other top climbed up on the bed and greased himself up a bit more.

And then I felt the bottom tense up.  He realized our intentions and started to pull away but I held him close and in place.  Forehead to forehead, I whispered, "I gotcha."  I'm not sure if it was meant as a reassuring statement or one to call him out on the desires I know he harbors.  I then grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him back into a kiss while I felt the resistance in his body give way.

For a second.  Then the second dick was invading his ass and he tensed up again.

"C'mon boy.  You got this," I growled and when he felt me keep him in place he resigned himself.  His body slackened, he gave himself over to the fuck.  And I felt the other top's cock slide up over mine.  Harder and faster as the other top built up speed.  Not graceful, just savage.  Raw lust from the other fuck bud just doing what feels good.  Hard enough to get out of control and flop out.

And just as quickly, the moment was gone.  He needed a break.

Still that fantasy was enough to get the bottom to shoot a massive load a few minutes later, adding to a huge load from the other top that covered as much of the sheets as the bottom himself.  And chasing that fantasy was enough for him to overlook the impracticality and beg me over email before I got home to double-fuck him again...  but not heed his calls to take a break.


Explorer Jack said...

So, I've see those double fucks in porn too, and it makes me grimace in pain.

But....I have been curious. As the stationary cock, does it feel good to have another cock glide over yours, rubbing against it in such a confined space?

Bruce Chang said...

Honestly, it feels good but it's not the best feeling in the world or anything. More than anything, it's a mind trip for me and him. Me getting off on persuading him to do it (I have a bit of a sadistic side to me sometimes) and him really wanting to see if he can do it.

CoolTop said...

Lately a bunch of tops have been hitting me up asking me to fuck bottoms of their acquaintance. I've never been too interested in three ways really, but lately the idea appeals to me. Especially the idea of raw double-fucking a bottom with a really hot hung top. I guess in my mind the dick-to-dick contact in the ass is awesome, but you're saying not really. Maybe it just feels like a tight squeeze. I dunno if I'll ever really do it. But hmm….