Friday, August 29, 2014

The Rolodex

So, I've been meaning to write this entry for awhile.  It was supposed to coincide with the century marker in number of published posts and the second real anniversary of the start of this blog.  I had some grandiose idea that I can pull together the idea of annual markers and centuries and linear timelines with the rather unconventional way in which I've been attacking these entries, random circular paths that meander through my head whenever something kicks up the dust and makes me remember.  I go through my notes after jotting down some additions from a recent experience and something from the present echoes with the past and harmonizes into a longer entry in this blog.  And then there's the other aspect: sometimes I just wanna brag and sometimes I just wanna tell a story.  Problem is, I'm having a huge issue where I don't remember if I've introduced you to a new member that's joined the cast and sometimes I wanna talk about him as if you already know him 'cause I already know him.  So I become one of those storytellers that tells the punchline before giving all the context that makes it funny or that stops a story right in the thick of thigs to backtrack and then gets lost on a tangent.  And that sucks.  As much as this blog is for me to remember, I can't deny the fact that I throw these little messages in a bottle into the ocean in hopes that they'll eventually will be received and get giddy when they both resound harmonically or strike cacophonous chords with others.  And I should probably stop there before I go into the whole postmodernist quandary of the collapse of art from independent expression to the commercially informed or some other bullshit that will make me cringe when I reread it and let's instead catch you up on the list of characters that's in my reality porn flick (which, by the way, I vaguely remember doing this list a little while ago for basically the same reasons).

- The Cop -

By far the most regular.  We've been meeting up every couple weeks and you can really see the progression in my notes.  It went from me guessing that he's a cop and him vehemently denying it to me sucking him off in uniform, from him trying to shield his huge ass cum shots to him just letting it fly unapologetically, from being really guarded about personal details to lazy conversations about our jobs and partners.  He's a shorter guy, totally smooth and has these pillowy lips that are fun to suck on.  He's kinda embarrassed that he shoots so fast with me.  I even have an entry where I bottomed for him and he barely got a few pumps in before shooting.

- The Other Cop -

I'm not sure what's up with me and cops but he's a recent find.  He answered an ad from Craiglist (yeah, every now and then I still use CL to hook up...) and I came over for a rather awkward make out session before we blew each other.  Heavily closeted and throws on this tough guy attitude that both works for him and sits kinda awkwardly on him.  Gorgeous guy though.  Tall, muscular and strong, angular features on a scruffy face.  He also was evasive about his line of work before I confronted him about his story not jiving together.  He's a helpless romantic type but with the whole DL thing working against him so we kinda have awkward sex that is simultaneously rich with a needy subcontext but I fear that my curiosity will fade over time and our meets will as well.

- Drive By Cocksucker -

He has his own business as the techie for small businesses, leaving him some free time in the mornings before work for me to stop by so we can play (enough time for me to drive by and have him suck my cock).  Another top I robbed of his virginity one night after some alcohol to loosen him up.  He couldn't take much but where he lacked skill there he makes up for when I full on face fuck him with his head off the bed.  I made him cum handsfree one time by doing that but it always takes me awhile to cum with him.  I think I'm just kinda lazy when it comes to getting head.  I like to sit back and just enjoy it for a long time and he doesn't quite get the pressure and the suction right for me to cum that way.  He's also a shorter guy in his 40s (but then, I always think guys are shorter than me even if they're a couple inches taller for some reason).  Shaved head but with a fuzzy chest. He's the one that lied one time and cancelled for a family emergency that actually turned out to be playtime with another one of his fuckbuds that he was still in bed with when I was supposed to drop by.  But after dropping that coy and chaste nonsense, he and I have a bit more unabashed sexual energy where we just let loose and enjoy.

- Too Far Cub -

Mid-thirties cub with a girlfriend that begs for my load each and every time.  Total sub but without the cliches.  Shy, smart, giving...  Loves to please but will never initiate anything with either me or the girlfriend.  And because of that, I take full advantage.  He gets me at my most sadistic at times, making him gag on purpose, torturing his body, fucking him after he cums even though he's hyper sensitive and clearly struggling taking the pounding I'm dishing out.  Why?  'Cause he won't admit that he likes the rough play but he begs for me to come again knowing full well what my mood is.  Made him cum handsfree from nip play and he was completely baffled by it.  I asked him if he liked it and he genuinely wasn't sure.  He wasn't sure how he came.  But his nips felt me for days afterward.  I dubbed him TooFarCub because for the longest time, I blew him off because he's in the opposite direction from where I usually travel for work, saying it's "too far" even though he was only 4 or 5 miles away from me.  Now that I've moved a couple times, he's actually even further away but somehow we seem to see each other more often.  Oh and every time I fuck him he begs me to load up his hole.  Guess he loves the feeling of a cock shooting inside him.

- Muscle "Pussy" -

I know it turns a lot of guys off, but this really well built guy in his forties loves to call his ass a "pussy".  He's definitely taller than me.  Well over 6 feet and pure muscle.  The scene is always the same: he's in bed with the door closed when I sneak into his apartment and undress.  I meet him in his room and have to be real quiet due to the paper thin walls.  Then I fuck him wrapped until he blows his load.  He's always rock hard and every time you touch his ass, he quivers and shudders.  Turns out he's a chiropractor.  I kinda went stalker on him and looked up his name from the mail I saw in his living room.  And one time, I felt the condom break but kept on fucking anyway and blew my load.  Crossed a line there that I wasn't too proud of.  I can't tell if he's out or not.  Have a feeling he's heavily closeted with the "be super quiet" thing and the references to female anatomy...

- MegaThick -

Another top that's told me that I make him really curious about bottoming (and he almost did one time, but I stopped 'cause something felt wrong... and it turned out he was kinda fucked up on Ambien).  We have a good rapport.  Good chemistry.  Just a shame that our tastes don't align more often or else I think we'd be swapping bottoms more often.  He's a furry faced, beefy smooth-chested bear type that loves darker featured little chasers.  One of the few guys I kinda open up to about my extracurricular activities in explicit detail and he's the same way with me.  He once got hit up by a former fuck bud asking if that was him on tumblr.  Turns out, some guy posted some play pics on Tumblr and someone recognized him even though his face wasn't showing.  He was first upset that someone would post without his permission but that quickly faded to being upset that he only got a thousand likes and reblogs.  Ha!  I told him he gets brownie points for having a cock that recognizable...  And that wasn't the only time his pic was posted.  A supposedly bi-married "I don't do this often" bottom we played with posted the pic I took of him riding MegaThick, posted it on CL looking for more cock to ride.

- GeekyCub -

Almost lost him as a fuck bud when he and his then boyfriend wanted me to join in on a threeway.  Yikes!  He's quintessential bear-cub.  Mid-thirties with an unapologetically dense forest of chest hair, thinning down over the tummy to a treasure trail and leading to a manly bush.  Incredibly talented multi-cummer that's primarily a top so we end up usually playing with a third anyway.  It just didn't work out when the third was his boyfriend.  He kinda gets self-conscious over the fact that he cums so quickly and got jealous that I was able to fuck his boy the way he wanted to and the way the thinks his bf wants him to.  He just needed to realize that he needs to play to his strengths...  like the way he takes pics that always plays up his geek-cub qualities that makes him so adorable.  I wish I could shoot huge loads with such a short refractory period in between.

- Thom -

I was gonna dub him "Entertainment Bear" due to his occupation writing for various pop culture publications, but I really just think of him as Tom with an H.  I first met him at a sex party and we immediately hit it off.  Playing well together and with others, it ended up being mostly oral and mostly sharing a cocksucker while we made out and played with each others' nips.  He's only a few years younger than me, about my height (but again, he's probably a few inches taller I just think of him and everyone else as my height) but with a few more pounds over me on a thick frame.  He carries it well.  He's one of the first guys that's called me Daddy for some reason.  Maybe it's because when we play one-on-one, he turns into a whiny bottom that begs me to fuck my load into him.

- Big Drama -

So every now and then I meet a guy that turns out to be closer to my circle of friends that I thought.  This was one of them.  He's a very (extremely) youthful looking mid-fifties drama teacher with a hefty, fat and long piece of serious meat between his legs.  He said I bottomed for him one time and I must have totally blacked that out from the pain because I seriously don't remember that.  It's always a long languid time with him.  I love feeling his naturally smooth body under me as I fuck a load out of him (THAT! I can vividly remember) and then the easy conversation after before we go for another or round or two.  But it got kinda awkward one time when a mutual friend of ours noted how we look at each other with open lust.

- Li'l Sales Guy -

I first met this shorter latino guy on Adam4Adam years ago and we both couldn't host so I met him at a bathroom along a running trail that he uses.  We swapped oral real quick and since then, I can't seem to get enough of this little tyke.  He's like 5'3" or something, completely smooth with a pretty defined body, though he carries a bit of extra weight that softens his chest and abs.  I love tossing him around and mashing my body against his.  A married guy with a kid, so it's kinda hard for us to get together but when we do, we're all over each other... until I get my raw cock sliding into him and he shoots two seconds later.  Turns out he's a sales guy in the same space that I work so we started talking shop and I kinda lost a little respect for him.  Ha!

- The Neighborhood Kids -

There's this bottom and his fuck bud that I've written about.  Me and the bottom have terrible chemistry at times but since we live blocks from each other, we hit each other up a lot when we just need to get a load out.  Me and his other top buddy?  Fuck, we get each other going and the poor bottom kid has to struggle to keep up.  The other top is a married dude with two kids and has a thick fuck tool that rivals in length to my own.  He piston fucks immediately after initial entry and brutalizes the bottom fuck bud's hole.  I don't mind being the starter dick just so that I can watch.  I'm just not sure why the bottom kid has such a hard time taking me when his other top bud is thicker and pounds harder.  I also don't understand why the he has me start off fucking wrapped but always lets me fuck him raw midway through.  Me and the top bud have since snuck off for one-on-one time with each other and it turns out the guy loves sitting on my cock and feeling me pump up his ass with my load.

- The DL Guy -

Now this guy's funny.  I always think of guys that tout themselves as DL as heavily closeted guys that throw up a lot of affectations and stupid, obviously fake struts and language in an abhorrently painful act of hetero masculinity.  But this guy is actually different.  He has a screenname of DL4ever or something like that but when I first met him to just do a buddy jerk off thing, he was actually pretty genuine.  Funny guy, completely at ease with himself.  Started off with kinda boring stuff, but then escalated with me sucking him off and I think I keep coming back to him to see if I can somehow maneuver him into bottoming for me.  I've given up though.  I just hit him up when I see him online and want to indulge in some cock sucking.

- The Sexy Cub That Doesn't Know It -

I still get together with the beefy cub with the permanent five o'clock shadow that feels excellent tickling my chest as he curls into me after we play.  The only problem is that we only suck and grind into each other, but fuck if his fuzz doesn't feel good.  He's always telling me his date from hell stories and I still don't know why he keeps on berating his looks.

- Ginger Boarder Bear -

He's a ginger from the south now living it up by the beach, biking and boogieboarding.  A 50s guy into younger twinks, fighting his body type to look slimmer.  Not sure why, 'cause he has a beautiful beefy build.  We've gotten to the point where we're dropping the charade that we're angels and are starting to allude to the fact that we fuck others.  Apparently, he's versatile even though I think that's by necessity since the guys he goes after want him to top.  And I think that's why he keeps hitting me up.  He prefers to bottom and every month or so he drops a line to get his fix.

Whew...  After deleting all the hookups with the guys above from my notes, I still have thirty or so encounters to write about.  Fuck, I'm a whore!


Anonymous said...

That will help your readers keep things - uhm - straight. And yes you are a whore, inspirationally so.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! A whore that inspires. That I can deal with!