Sunday, August 10, 2014


I chipped away at the masonry he's fashioned around himself, sufficiently shielding himself from casual contacts grabbing hold and using him as leverage.  Important in his line of work but thoroughly frustrating for me.  He's a cop.  And I think I've finally convinced him to drop the affectations and bare it all when he drops his clothes in the shelter of my bedroom.  I think I've finally seen him.

The first hint was when I finally convinced him not to contain his cumshots.  He'd block it with his fingers or aim it at some other obstruction that would bear the brunt of the force instead of just letting go and reveling in the sheer pleasure of an orgasm.

Now, we had been going at it for about an hour, making out for most of it and just delighting in the feel of each other's bodies.  And that was enough.  His cock was angry red and pulsed in the air to the rhythm of his heartbeat.  I scorched my hands when I tried to grab it.  Completely different than the first time where we fumbled around together.  It built up to this with every brick I was able to knock down.

I rolled him on top and was grabbing at his ass, pulling him into me as he made fuck motions that mashed the most sensitive parts of us together.  And then he pulled back, grabbed my waist and, hands-free/worry-free, just let it fly uncontained by any barriers between us.  The first shot landed hard against my chin.  The second hit the pillow right next to my ear.  I could hear it land.  The rest showered my chest with long lines pointing to the throbbing meat still thrashing into the air.  Impulses were still being fired to his brain that made him jerk and twitch at the tail of his orgasm when I used his fingers to dip in his cum.  I made him scoop some up so that I could suck on his fingers to jerk out my own load.  It only took four strokes.

And then he laughed.  At first, I thought it was in embarrassment for the mess he made or the absurdity of how it looks with his fingers in my mouth.  So I smiled and asked why.

Different convulsions now.  More of a mental and internal conflict trying to separate the facts from the socially acceptable answers.  Right brain/left brain.  The only sound that came out was gargling noises as a result.  He finally gave up, laughed some more, and collapsed into the crook of my arm, curling up to me to softly chuckle into my chest.

He didn't need to say anything.  I see him now.  The hammer and chisel gone.


BlkJack said...

Would love to hear how you connected with this cop. also, a brief description would be great too. Thanks!

Bruce Chang said...

We connected on Grindr and now that I think of it, I've only connected with a small percentage of guys I chat with on that app compared to others. Late thirties, shaved head, quintessential cop mustache. Completely smooth on his fireplug of a 5'6" inch frame. Soft, thick lips that always tastes of lip balm and are fixed in a permanent scowl until you get his shorts to drop... Ha!

Explorer Jack said...