Sunday, September 14, 2014

DC - Part I - The Latin cub

It wasn't until afterwards that I broke into a goofy, half-smile smirk.  I had logged back onto Grindr to see if I can find another guy to lose my load in...  or suck me off...  or even just jack me off before my balls turn achingly blue.  Almost an hour with a kid fucking around, didn't cum, and I was frustrated as hell.  His cum wasn't dry on the sheets yet, probably didn't even cool yet from boiling over deep within his nuts before I got a message from him on the app.  A really eager and hopeful request to play again.  Whereas I thought the chemistry was off, he couldn't be happier.  And for some reason that distinctly earnest offer in the context of all the mismatched expectations, desires and perspectives rather comforting and I drifted off to sleep, aching balls and all.  Or it could have been that it was late and I spent most of the day travelling and it all just caught up to me.  

I landed at Dulles in the late evening as much as I tried to streamline the process, I didn't finish checking into the hotel until after most of the surrounding eateries were closed.  I got a text right after getting out the plane telling me what stall my car was parked, caught a shuttle to it and then off I went, probably getting tagged by several toll road cameras for violations as I made my way through empty freeways to my destination, which apparently was a rather sleepy town where nothing is open after 8pm on a Sunday leaving me to a rather sad dinner of chips and soda from the vending machine.

I had posted and reposted an ad on Craigslist.  I've always had luck as a traveler with Craigslist.  Seems like guys are always hunting for fresh meat there, tired of the same old ads from the locals.  And maybe it's also because the visitors can usually host and you'll probably never see them again, which works great for some of the closeted types.  All the guys I had lined up, though, begged off by the time I got to my room being a school night and all.  So I fired up Grindr.  Almost immediately, a cute latin hair cub messaged me.

Beefy, scruffy, bottom.  Said all the right things.  And then some wrong things.  It was kinda sketchy.  He wanted another bottom to join in, which I normally wouldn't mind but I was kinda tired and didn't want some marathon session after what was already a long day.  He said it was a roommate and he needed a ride.  When I balked, he then said he could borrow his car.  This, that... a constant stream of questions that was all over the meter in terms of how serious he was and how close he was to actually leaving the door and committing to coming over.  Ride secured.  Then: "got more pics?"  "Whatcha into?"  "I can be there in 10 minutes"  "Do you have poppers?"  "Are you free later in the week?"  "I'm out the door, what's your room number?"  "Do you have poppers?"  "What's the meaning of life?"  "I'm in the elevator about to knock on your door." "Wait, could you confirm that you're a guy and that you have a functional penis?"  Things that probably should have been asked a long time ago where popping up at the last minute.  And in the meantime, the guy he wanted to do a threeway with also messaged me acting as if they're not roommates and that he barely knows the guy.  Sketch.

Then I opened the door to let a fuckin' hot cub into the room.  Good lookin' kid.  So thus started my own advance and retreat routine.  Maybe a couple inches taller, broad shouldered and solid type guy.  Scruff that would feel great scratching my thighs if I squeezed them around his head while he sucked on my cock (which I never really got a chance to do since he was all about fucking and couldn't concentrate on a single task for very long).  Thick uncut cock that tasted great as I worked my tongue under the skin but what I really wanted was his ass, a nice, round bubble butt that wrapped nicely around my cock.  I had him on his back and was easing it in, leaning in to make out with his beautiful full lips and instead got his neck.  We had made out before but for some reason kissing was suddenly off limits.  And then he wanted to change positions.  Cowgirl.  Reverse cowgirl.  Then the chair got involved.  Hunched over the arm.  Riding me while I was sitting in the chair.  Then back to the bed with me fucking his face with his head hanging off.  All scenes that would look good in porn but wasn't doing much for me.

It was time to put an end to all that.

I hopped on the bed, grabbed his legs and dragged him so his head was back on the bed.  Then took one leg to flip him over.  While he was still flat on his stomach, I assaulted his ass.  Figured he didn't need me to ease it back in.  I just went for it.  Grabbed his waist and leaned in to really go at it.  That then turned to me putting my hands on his lower back and leaning into that, pushing him deep into the mattress while I drilled him hard.  Different tempos.  Trying to find one that I liked most.  I wasn't quite getting deep enough.  I had my forearm across his shoulders, elbow digging into his back a little while I tried to go deeper.  Then sat back up and kicked his legs apart a little, making him arch his back just so.  He reached back to spread his ass.  That was it.  Long deep thrusts all the way in and all the way out.  I started to speed up and simultaneously lifted his hips so he's more on his knees and he took that opportunity to release his ass cheeks so that they bounced back together and he started to jack.  I was watching his ass bounce every time I slammed it home when I felt him shifting his weight and his ass start to drop back and then buck back up.  His back arching concave and then convex and back to concave again.  He came.  And once he finished, he was finished.

I flopped on the bed next to him for a bit.  Idly watched him dress before he made his final retreat.  Frustrated that I didn't cum.  Frustrated that I didn't take matter into my own hands sooner and fucked him the way I wanted.  'Cause I noticed a change when we were fucking.  He had wrapped himself up in layers of images in fantasy and as much time we spent trying to emulate those images in his head, they'd always be a weak interpretation.  In the end, it wasn't until we ripped off those layers to expose the raw desire and need that he got hard as a rock and fired his load.  When I pinned him down and took control, I made him to engage not in the images in his head but the reality before him.  My cock, his ass.  Two bodies.  Not two ghosts.  Not images.  Flesh against flesh for all the senses.  And his eager message to play again reminded me of that switch, that toggle where it all became real.  Really real.  Not posed recreations of fantasy.  And reminder made me smile.  Smirk.  And embark into my own retreat of contented sleep.

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