Monday, September 15, 2014

DC - Part II - Liar's load

The thing about being a cheater, at least for me as a rather introspective guy, is that you tend to pick apart what people tell you when they're trying to get into your pants.  Sometimes I start categorizing things into truths, probable half-truth deceptions and utter fabrications and you just hope that the things that are outright lies are irrelevant.  Like a guy advertising himself as a bottom with a 9" dick.  Well, it'd be nice to stroke a big one while I'm fucking you but in the end, it's okay if you exaggerated a bit.  But only about the inches.  The bottom part would be a dealbreaker.  And this guy, who said he was married?  I think the natural assumption is that he's married to a woman but I actually really didn't care.  In this case, we had established that we're both tops but he noted he had a thick fat cock and I hope that part wasn't a lie because it's been awhile since I've wrestled in bed with another top, feeling him shoot a load in my mouth.  In this case, the thick cock piece was important.  And I really hoped that part wasn't a lie.

He came into my room and we immediately started making out.  Me on my toes, trying to reach his lips several tree branches above me.  And he was a good kisser.  I just had to look past the hint of smoke.  It wasn't fresh.  Or maybe it was just masked by the gum he was chewing on before he came.  But I could still taste it at the back of his throat.

And he was a bigger guy.  Bigger than I expected but that wasn't as important either.  After fumbling through the room and disrobing, he was big and thick where I hoped he was.  A solid 7" and thick as advertised.  As it chubbed up in my mouth, it filled it up every nook and cranny, every little air pocket in there.  Filled it up so my mouth was straining to open wide enough not to scrape teeth.  With most guys, I know when I'm using my lips as a constricting ring that strokes a cock up and down the shaft and when my tongue collapses against the shaft so you feel hot wetness the whole length of the shaft and the new ring that strokes your cock is the constricting one at the opening of my throat as the cock fucks itself deeper in.  Not with this one.  He filled up my mouth completely and I had to relearn how to suck, paying attention to the gasps and moans to know where I've hit the right spot.  And I kept at it until he shot in my mouth.

Fuck if that didn't taste nasty.  Bitter.  Acidic.  And his cock was lodged back in there so far I felt it going up the sinuses.  Gag.  Choke.  I practically vomited the stuff out.

I guess the lie here was the one I told myself when I said I wanted to suck a load out of thick cock.  Bleh.  I blame tobacco.  I usually love the taste of cum. 


BikeGuy said...

not a tobacco fan either. the clothes. the fingers. the breath. the cum taste. they really don't get how much smoking fucks up everything in the event.

FelchingPisser said...

One more reason for guys to give up smoking...I really hate tobacco loads, too...

Bruce Chang said...

Glad to hear I'm not just another crazy Californian being dramatic! Well, I guess I can still be one but tobacco loads can still suck... Not mutually exclusive...ha!