Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DC - Part III - Drowning

I had inched so close, getting lost memorizing the speckles in the iris of his cool blue eyes, that our foreheads met.  My eyes shifted from one eye to the next and back again in rapid succession until the images merged together in my mind.  A big pool of blue with dark corals trapping the waves.  And as I tried to drown myself deeper into the blue, I felt myself cum.  Him on his back, one leg over my shoulder, the other to the side, my hand wrapped tightly around his cock that was still hard and dribbling a few remaining pearls of cum that collected at the tip before retracing the path of long ropes that had blazed before it, aided by gravity but fighting the grooves of each finger as it pooled and dripped and pooled again from the head of his cock to the first finger that encircled his wood over each finger to my pinky.  And then there was my raw cock deep inside him.  I spurted.  Once.  Twice.  Three times.  He felt each one and his eyes wavered, shaking the image of blue into ripples and breaking my reverie as a deep groan started to build up from deep within me.

I reared back. I roared.  A long moan that evolved as I belted out a deep cry.

The switch flipped and the stillness before gave way to a violent spasm starting from the tip of my spine and continued to a dozen hard thrusts where I wanted to mash my cock into him violently, flesh whipping into each other and turning to a rubbery emulsion.  Gritted teeth.  Angry thrusts.  Extended roar.  I could vaguely feel his bones protesting and trying to lash back at the onslaught.  All the frustrations of the previous meets where it was over before I could cum now ripping through my cock as I seeded his guts with my load.

And then my vision came back.  The handsome face stared back at me intently as I started to smile, hovering over him.  I let go and reached under his shoulders and my hands snaked up to his trusting face and my hands softly ran through his short cropped miltary style haircut and held his head in place before I slowly, sank back into him.  Lips upon soft lips.  Tongues languidly exploring before pulling back.  Slowly, softly.  I let it all go.

And he wrapped his legs behind me, accepting all of me.


Anonymous said...

Pure carnal poetry. You write as well as you fuck

Bruce Chang said...

Carnal poetry... I like that...