Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DC - The epilogue

So, it didn't stop there.  When I got back, my partner was out of town.  So TooFarCub picked me up from the airport and drove me home.  That is, after a detour at his apartment where I decided to be a little nice and gave him a blow job.  And then used his cum to reverse felch him, using it as lube to fuck my own load into him.

The day after?  Well, I met The Bartender at the bathhouse and spent the day with him, including fucking two loads into him and eating him out for so long that he was trembling and sweating.  We were supposed to find guys to tag team him but he was a wreck after that.  Instead, I spent another couple hours where I convinced an Italian top to let me play with his hole and basically got the head in before he got so turned on he shot.  Then, as I was relaxing in the tub, I was chatting with this middle school teacher.  Fuzzy faced.  Could tell he had a bearish build.  I slowly worked grabbing his hand and pulling it to my crotch in the middle of platonic conversation.  He got the hint and asked if I wanna cool off and talk outside a bit.  Well, I ended up bending him over a plastic lawn chair outside and fucking him bare with the cool breeze making my wet nuts tighten up.  I got pretty vocal when I was about to shoot and he sensed it and was about to pull off but I greedily and firmly grabbed his hips and pulled him back into place.  And as much as I don't think he wanted me to cum inside him, my move to hold him in place really turned him on and he immediately started spasming around my cock as he came and in one final shove, I pushed him deep and unloaded.  First time I did that.  I generally don't like fucking with a guy's head and making him worry but I somehow knew he wanted it.  Or maybe more accurately, I was past the point of worrying about his needs and focused on my own.

And then to round out the week, I fucked Muscle "Pussy", fucked a Grindr guy that said he just wanted to suck me off, and swapped blow jobs with The Other Cop.

18 guys in two weeks.  I was kinda all fucked out at that point.

And usually, I like to wrap my posts around a central thought or insight.  This time?  I just wanna brag.  Ha!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

DC - Part IV, V and VII - There's just no explaining...

So one of my fellow bloggers (and, unfortunately, I don't remember which) remarked how Grindr has made him hyper-critical, making it so easy to fault one impersonal pic to another with a casual flick of a swipe.  And I can't fault a guy for trying to be efficient in finding a match, but I know what he means.  With all the different angles, you can't possibly find the perfect puzzle piece of desire within a short tag line.

For example, here I am fucking guy #4.  Wrapped, but that wasn't the issue.  Older guy, but that wasn't the issue either.  In fact, he was hot as hell.  Hot body.  Kisses well.  But... he smelled of chemicals.  And as I'm drilling it into him, his eyes are peacefully closed.  Not tightly squinted.  Just barely closed.  Eyebrows slack and devoid of emotion, but eyes darting back and forth like he was in the middle of a dream and it just made me wonder what he was envisioning in his head as he yanked on his cock and I maneuvered him to fuck him deeper and harder.  And the harder I fucked the harder he jerked until he shot off all over his stomach.

But then there's guy #5.  Older guy, not as fit, but really into me.  Extremely.  So much, it kinda turned me off.  And as I'm fucking him, he's smiling back at me in a way that makes me suddenly really self-conscious.  So I flip him to his knees and fuck the cum out of him.  Again, before I'm anywhere near done.

So then there's guy #8. He's completely up front about cumming quickly and calling it quits shortly after.  And it was in this interesting aggressive manner that he told me that perked my interest, so I cyber-stalked him a bit.  Turns out he's a closted former frat boy.  Kinda made sense.  I mean, there's a playful frivolity when I talk about sex with my friends while there's this tinge of aggressive vulgarity that was coming off him.  Kudos to him for being a bottom that knows what he wants and is direct about it.

I got him to my room and said fuck it.  I'm going for my nut immediately.  Quickly plugged him up and wasted no time fucking my first load into him.  And now it was him that wasn't anywhere near done.  So I kept going.  A short fifteen minutes into it, I couldn't hold back anymore.  A cum slick hole just feels way too nice and when I felt the corners of my orgasm building up again, I pounded the hell out of him fully expecting to be close to cumming and not wanting to be left there right on the edge and being forced to jerk it off.  Well, I was exhausted at that point.  I flopped over on the bed and for some reason, maybe it's ego, maybe something else...  I didn't wanted to end.  So I said, "Your turn now, boy" and pulled him up over on top of me.  He got the hint.  And before I knew it I was grimacing and trying to take it as he eased into me.  And fuck, if the boy knew how to drill a hole.  I was tossed like a rag doll from one position to another.  And he kept on going.  Not sure how long it was, but I felt like a fuckin' hour.  In the middle of which, he pulled on my flaccid penis, saying, "Why isn't this working?" Ha!  I let it go.  I didn't answer, but it was pretty obvious.  I used to be a bottom in my younger days but the switch flipped long ago and physically, it doesn't feel that great anymore.  And I know what it feels like to be a bottom and fuckin' love it.  And want it.  And even need it.  I get the itch every now an then.  But it's even more rare when a top can make me stiff from a good fuck these days.

And then the bizarre.  He's a dipper.  Smokeless tobacco.  Bottom lip puffy all night and constantly spitting in a cup.  Well, in the middle of fucking me he turns his head and spits a wad onto the fucking hotel carpet by the bed!  I must have given him a dirty look 'cause he was all like, "Don't worry.  It's good.  You won't get in trouble."  The fucker.  Something about the cockiness got to me and so I threw him off me and got him on his back.  Legs over my shoulders.  Just a couple of mock fucks, grinding into him and then I got hard and fucked him again until I marked his guts with my load and then tossed him out.  That kinda even surprised me.

And the "quick cummer" still hadn't cum yet.

Go figure.  I thought maybe it was that he wasn't into me in person.  But then he messaged me later that day and was asking for a repeat.  The laws of attraction are strange.  And yeah.  How can you verbalize it in a tag line, abbreviations, acronyms when sometimes you don't even understand what you're looking for and what you like?  So I keep an open mind browsing Grindr.  And even the bad meets make for a good story.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

DC - Part VI - Super Exec

I'm diggin' all the superhero flicks that are out these days because it feels kinda subversive the way nerdy things have suddenly become mainstream but it also bothers me a bit.  Mostly because it's indicative of this need we have to stand behind pure ideals.  Hero vs villain, good vs bad.  And it's worked itself all over our culture.  Staunch democrats and republicans, religious fundamentalism, total tops and power bottoms, subs and doms.  Not that those dichotomies never existed before, we just seem to have a larger respect for the extremes now.

And that's where I falter.

So I'm sitting here, talking to this guy on his couch when the conversation has pretty much dried up and the tent in my

shorts leads me down a path that I'm a little resistant to.  It's a momentary hesitation stretched out by the silence that violently sliced through the laughter and banter just moments ago.  But, simultaneously, it's an imperceptible pause as the rational tries to reason with physical instincts.  And the silence and the stillness plays with time like a yo-yo and that pause stretches to an alternate eternity before snapping back to the present.

It feels like it took forever to make my move 'cause I really, really wanna fuck my load into this guy.

Logic stalled me though.  And as much as people have called me aggressive or cocky or "intense", I still feel those labels fit awkwardly on me.  Like clown shoes.  And I hesitated.

I really don't think it's because he's some big c-level, ivy league hotshot.  He actually has very humble roots and those things never really impress me.  A job is a job.  It was more of the fact that I was here, in his living room, after a hookup just an hour or so before where the bottom shot off and called it quits way before I was anywhere near close.  I take awhile sometimes.  Even more so when I'm playing wrapped.  So after that little tryst, I fired up Grindr while grabbing a bite to eat and this guy hits me up.  In three messages, we set up a meet for an hour later (after I finished my grub) and he's given me his address.  As direct as we were in our intentions to meet, we were completely indirect about what are intentions were after we're supposed to get together.  Top?  Bottom?  Hell, I wasn't sure if he wanted to fuck at all.  So we started off chatting.  In person.  My mind processing how fucking hot he was.  The way he was completely at ease and open during the conversation making him even hotter.  When he asked why I was in the area, I blurted out the truth.  I was out there for a trick but I was still fucking horned up since I didn't get off.  No judgments.  None of that coy evasiveness trying to get into his pants.  Just the truth.

And a short moment later, the conversation stopped.  After that brief hesitation, I leaned in for a kiss.  Gentle.  Soft.  Slightly wet.  Enough to make me want more and I pulled his head by the back of his neck for deeper kiss.  The other hand, I fumbled his waist to find a belt loop and tugged him hard enough for him to get the hint.  His one knee going over to straddle me while I sat and sank deeper into his couch.  I'm sure he felt my throbbing meat under my shorts pressing against him, but I grabbed his waist and pulled him down and closer.  There would be no mistaking what it was now.

He pulled off the kiss, which I only used as permission to start licking and chewing at his neck like a blood thirsty vampire.  Breathlessly, he asked, "Wanna go upstairs?"  An earnest plead to go further that made me his.  Or maybe it made him mine.  Either way, I finally got a guy after the two previous attempts that I really clicked with.  And after we got upstairs, I feasted on his ass and he milked a load out of me as I fucked him before he shot off himself.  The way it should be.

As I was leaving, I saw a bottle of lube and some condoms on the nightstand.  He had this all planned out apparently.  Top/bottom.  Aggressive/passive.  Just labels.  In the end, we both wanted it and it was just a matter of letting the conversation flow as easily off our bodies and actions as it did verbally on the couch.  Maybe I innocently fell into his trap, letting myself be manipulated.  Or maybe I was leading the charge.  Afterall, the supplies were left untouched from our rough spit fuck.  It didn't matter.  What mattered was that he was happily wobbly from the fuck and I was so fucking drained and at peace I think I dozed off for a sec on his bed.  All those labels didn't matter.  Not when things just connect.

Friday, October 3, 2014

DC - Part X - The unexpected (again)

I was playing tour guide to a couple of friends from out of town and throughout the weekend I would suddenly find myself in very familiar surroundings.  I'd pass by the austere gates of a newly remodeled structure that a pervy studio exec I used to play with calls home.  Then the apartment building where one of LA's finest lives and lures dom asian tops to piss on him.  And the beach cottage a banker used to invite me to and then spend hours on his knees in submission.  Just a small break from the routine of work and home and back again and suddenly my life uncovers lost paths, slightly weeded over but still there, intersections where lives have crossed paths, amazing men that have etched their mark on my growth as much as I've marked them with my load.  Even in a big sprawled out city like LA, you still find moments when things seem to shrink to a thin warm blankie tucked around you.  So I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that I'd bump into another fuck bud in DC even though we were both miles from home.  A little bit of the unexpected...  again.

What was unexpected before was that a blurry pic would turn out to be this fuckin' handsome, huge and imposing figure that would just crumble beneath my touch and the treatment of my tongue on his nips.  And the PA was a bit unexpected to.  This time, I just couldn't believe that we were both traveling for work and happened to be a few miles from each other.  I had fired up Growlr and happened to check out my favorites when I saw that he was just a mere 15 miles away.  We made arrangements to get together later in the week when we'd both be less busy with work but when the time came, he messaged saying that he'd love to get together but he wasn't sure if he could bottom...  and that he'd explain later.

His story?  Well, I found out when I got there and after I had coaxed him out of his clothes.  I was propped up on the bed with his huge beefy man curled up onto my chest telling me this story:

"So it was a long day at work and I didn't want to hunt out good food and I didn't want fast food either.  Have had enough of that.  So earlier I had spotted this Indian food place across the street from this hotel.  I went straight back here from work so that I could just grab some food there and then crash.

"Well, I walked into the place and it was tiny.  Obviously more of a to go type place catering to the hotels in the area.  And I went to the counter and ordered my food and everything.  They gave me a number and I was just standing around when this guy that was sitting in the takeout area, you know, the area right by the door and register where they have a bunch of chairs and no tables for people waiting for their order or waiting for a table, well this guy that was sitting there that I didn't really noticed before said he could take it up to my room.  So I thought, 'Oh, that's nice.' I figured it was just the delivery guy and they saw that I was in my work clothes and eager to get out of 'em so they were just being nice so I just gave him my room number and left."

I knew where this was heading, of couse, so I interrupted him asking, "But did you make a lot of eye contact?"

"No!  I didn't even know he was there at first.  But he kinda said that I did.  I mean, I didn't think so."

"Was he hot?"

"No, he's not really my type.  That's why I didn't think I was giving him any signals...

"So anyway, I got back to my room and got undressed and was basically just in my boxers and undershirt when I heard a knock on the door.  I opened it and since I didn't have my pants on I backed up into the room to go get my wallet and give him a tip.  And he followed!  I thought that was kinda weird.  I mean, people usually don't just walk into your room uninvited.  But then I guessed maybe it was a cultural thing or something.  So I get the tip money and he puts the food down and gets right up in my face.  I was baffled.  I actually kinda got scared.  I was wondering what the hell I got myself into.

"And that's when he talks about how I was eyeing him and turning him on and all that stuff.  He starts grabbing me and stuff and then before I knew it I was down on my knees and he unzips.  Fuck.  Even soft that thing was huge.  It wasn't  long at all.  Maybe six inches at most but it was thick.  I couldn't even really suck him off.  And he got harder and harder and it just got thicker and thicker."

"True beer can thick?" I ask.

"Thicker.  I mean, as thick as my wrist and I'm no small guy.  And then he pushes me onto the bed and starts to try to fuck me.  Just spit lube fucking me.  I couldn't take it.  It hurt like hell."

"Did you like it though?"

"I guess..."

But there's no way he was forced to do anything.  He might have been knocked off his game by the surprise of it all, but if he didn't want it, he could easily throw a guy off.  No question about it, he wanted it.

"But I told him it was too dry so he used more spit and fuck he just hammered me.  Right from the start."

"Was it just the base that was thick?"

"No!  Even the head was big.  It really was like shoving a beer can in me.  Big fat blunt head on a thick bodied cock just hammering into me.  After awhile, I told him we had to take a break...  And then we start talking and he pulls out the Indian food and starts eating!  Turns out, he's not a delivery guy at all.  His friend just owns the restaurant, so he got my plate of food and he got his plate of food and brought it over.  So we chatted a bit and ate and then it was basically time for him to leave and since I was going to throw out my food, he took my plate too and left."

I laughed.  There's no way he was making all this up.  Every question I tossed his way he would basically say he had no idea.  The whole experience was kinda puzzling.  He just knew his whole was a wreck.  And he then started to talk about a couple of past fuck buds.  One that would massage him to the point where he was so relaxed he was putty in the guy's hands.  And when the guy started to fuck him, he couldn't even resist and it was so such a gentle fuck.  But there was no doubt that the guy was in charge and he was submitting.  At that point, I wasn't sure if that was an allegory for what he wanted from me, but I was idly playing with his nips.  He was stuttering every now and then and it barely registered.  I was lost in my own thoughts, thinking of him getting fucked relentless by a thick cock and then him submitting to a guy on a massage table.  His body broke out into goosebumps when I finally noticed.  We looked at each other and grinned.  He knew what was coming next.

I started to lap at his pierced nip, tonguing the ring and making it dance.  Then small circles with my tongue that made him moan.  My lips sucked at the jewelry and then I gently tugged.  Teeth nipping at the point behind the ring momentarily before letting go and repeating the cycle again.  Harder.  Harder.  And then it got to the point where I was chewing on his nips and he was howling.  And then he said it:

"No, no, no.  Stop!"

And I froze.  And then realized he wasn't making any move to stop me.  So I comped down even harder.

His legs flew up and wrapped around me.

My teeth let go and I was just hovering over his ravaged nip.  The hot breath as it danced across made him moan again.  And shudder.  And break out into more goosebumps.

I reached down to feel his semi, chubbed up meat and his cock was massively drooling.  I reached into a puddle of cock slime.

So I fed it to him.

His precum, his saliva.  All over my hand when I pulled it back, spat on it to add my own juices and slicked up my rock hard meat.

I bounced my cock...  no slapped it.  Over his hole.  I was letting him know what was coming up next.

I don't know if he was still sore or not.  I just knew that he wanted it as much as I did.  And I fucked him.  Slow gentle strokes after he got used to me filling him up.  Building up in tempo as he just stared back at me, slowly nodding, biting his lower lip.  I was trying hard to be the gentle lover he talked about.  But I couldn't help it.  Long strokes all the way in and all the way out.  I was too worked up to slow down.  Then I was fucking punch hammering him.  The way I was imagining a thick cocked Indian guy was doing the night before.  Slamming all my weight into him until my cock gave up the fight and gave up its load, shooting his guys with my spunk.

I collapsed on top of him as he started to laugh.  He wasn't sure he would be able to handle that so soon.  It was a week of unexpected events for him...  Just as it was for me that first night with him.  Just as it was tonight.  Two guys, completely at ease with each other and unabashedly reciting stories to each other.

He wasn't up for going out that night and hitting the bars like we originally had planned.  He was exhausted.  But I went out and sought out other like-minded men.  Unfortunately the DC Eagle was closed, in the midst of remodeling and moving from what I gather.  And I was roaming the city while some guy on Growlr was complaining that I was stringing him along.  All talk and no action.  He was actually really belligerent when I turned him down after trading pics and nasty talk.  Ha!  If he only knew...