Sunday, October 26, 2014

DC - Part IV, V and VII - There's just no explaining...

So one of my fellow bloggers (and, unfortunately, I don't remember which) remarked how Grindr has made him hyper-critical, making it so easy to fault one impersonal pic to another with a casual flick of a swipe.  And I can't fault a guy for trying to be efficient in finding a match, but I know what he means.  With all the different angles, you can't possibly find the perfect puzzle piece of desire within a short tag line.

For example, here I am fucking guy #4.  Wrapped, but that wasn't the issue.  Older guy, but that wasn't the issue either.  In fact, he was hot as hell.  Hot body.  Kisses well.  But... he smelled of chemicals.  And as I'm drilling it into him, his eyes are peacefully closed.  Not tightly squinted.  Just barely closed.  Eyebrows slack and devoid of emotion, but eyes darting back and forth like he was in the middle of a dream and it just made me wonder what he was envisioning in his head as he yanked on his cock and I maneuvered him to fuck him deeper and harder.  And the harder I fucked the harder he jerked until he shot off all over his stomach.

But then there's guy #5.  Older guy, not as fit, but really into me.  Extremely.  So much, it kinda turned me off.  And as I'm fucking him, he's smiling back at me in a way that makes me suddenly really self-conscious.  So I flip him to his knees and fuck the cum out of him.  Again, before I'm anywhere near done.

So then there's guy #8. He's completely up front about cumming quickly and calling it quits shortly after.  And it was in this interesting aggressive manner that he told me that perked my interest, so I cyber-stalked him a bit.  Turns out he's a closted former frat boy.  Kinda made sense.  I mean, there's a playful frivolity when I talk about sex with my friends while there's this tinge of aggressive vulgarity that was coming off him.  Kudos to him for being a bottom that knows what he wants and is direct about it.

I got him to my room and said fuck it.  I'm going for my nut immediately.  Quickly plugged him up and wasted no time fucking my first load into him.  And now it was him that wasn't anywhere near done.  So I kept going.  A short fifteen minutes into it, I couldn't hold back anymore.  A cum slick hole just feels way too nice and when I felt the corners of my orgasm building up again, I pounded the hell out of him fully expecting to be close to cumming and not wanting to be left there right on the edge and being forced to jerk it off.  Well, I was exhausted at that point.  I flopped over on the bed and for some reason, maybe it's ego, maybe something else...  I didn't wanted to end.  So I said, "Your turn now, boy" and pulled him up over on top of me.  He got the hint.  And before I knew it I was grimacing and trying to take it as he eased into me.  And fuck, if the boy knew how to drill a hole.  I was tossed like a rag doll from one position to another.  And he kept on going.  Not sure how long it was, but I felt like a fuckin' hour.  In the middle of which, he pulled on my flaccid penis, saying, "Why isn't this working?" Ha!  I let it go.  I didn't answer, but it was pretty obvious.  I used to be a bottom in my younger days but the switch flipped long ago and physically, it doesn't feel that great anymore.  And I know what it feels like to be a bottom and fuckin' love it.  And want it.  And even need it.  I get the itch every now an then.  But it's even more rare when a top can make me stiff from a good fuck these days.

And then the bizarre.  He's a dipper.  Smokeless tobacco.  Bottom lip puffy all night and constantly spitting in a cup.  Well, in the middle of fucking me he turns his head and spits a wad onto the fucking hotel carpet by the bed!  I must have given him a dirty look 'cause he was all like, "Don't worry.  It's good.  You won't get in trouble."  The fucker.  Something about the cockiness got to me and so I threw him off me and got him on his back.  Legs over my shoulders.  Just a couple of mock fucks, grinding into him and then I got hard and fucked him again until I marked his guts with my load and then tossed him out.  That kinda even surprised me.

And the "quick cummer" still hadn't cum yet.

Go figure.  I thought maybe it was that he wasn't into me in person.  But then he messaged me later that day and was asking for a repeat.  The laws of attraction are strange.  And yeah.  How can you verbalize it in a tag line, abbreviations, acronyms when sometimes you don't even understand what you're looking for and what you like?  So I keep an open mind browsing Grindr.  And even the bad meets make for a good story.

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