Thursday, November 13, 2014

Musings: Hot tub revisited

So anyone else successfully fucked in a pool or hot tub?  I'm pretty sure the only reason it worked in my last entry was the silicone lube that was still clinging to our bodies, cause water is the fucking anti-lube.

I have some notes jotted down from a sex party I attended awhile ago.  I think it was the beginning of summer and it was an evening party.  I was taking a break from roaming the rooms and there were a couple of guys just hanging out at the hot tub so I joined in.  Of course, I chose the spot right next to hottest guy there, a furry faced, hairy cub and engaged him in conversation, pulling my nice guy act.  Turned out he was a recent grad from the local university and it was his first time at the party (the host throws one about once a month in the summer).  We ended up snogging in the tub for quite awhile with the others just chatting around us.  Then I made my move and used his natural buoyancy to pull him up and over onto my lap.  I was still sitting in the tub and he was in my lap, my smooth chest against his back as I reached around in front of him and ran my hands across his hairy chest to tweak his nipples a bit.  And as I was chewing on his neck and holding him tight to my chest, my cock aligned itself to his hole and I pulled him onto it.

But it wouldn't budge.  It wasn't him.  He was clearly up for it as he grabbed my thighs and tried to impale himself further on my cock, but it didn't work.  Spat on my hand a bit but the viscosity of spit would immediately wash away when my hand dipped into the waters.  And since I had been kinda playing for awhile at that point, I was hoping that my precum would start to flow.  And maybe it did a bit, but once again, not enough to resist chlorinated waters from dissolving it to useless vapor.  But still, it was nice to just revel in that lust and need for awhile.  Nothing rushed.  Just playful.  And we were still just chatting it up, me answering him softly directly into his ear.

Shortly after, another guy joined the activities and then took my cock in a death grip and guided it to his hole.  Whereas I played it nice and coy, he was all action and it kinda threw me off.  It kinda conflicted with the nice chill atmosphere where guys were just bullshitting in the tub and idly playing with each other.  Hell if I was gonna refuse a hot ass, though.  Ironically, despite all the water around us, it was worse than a completely dry fuck.  It felt like his ass was trying to scrape off three layers of skin as he backed up into me.  It just didn't work.  Didn't stop the guy though.  He just went down the line trying to get every guy in the hot tub to fuck him despite the physics of it all telling him it wasn't gonna work.

And that's not the first time I tried to fuck under water.  So maybe the fact that it actually happened with ImpossiblyTallDude is why I have the event so romanticized in my head.


FelchingPisser said...

With all that piss around my playroom I should know--yes, water kills any regular lube. I go through a lot if I'm doing true piss fucking. But I'd rather use more than use silicone--and never it off me.

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks for the confirmation! Now... speaking of piss... This is one of the things that makes you some superhuman mythical figure in my head. I'm not sure how you and your buds do it! I'm not new to piss play, but everytime I've tried, I can't seem to piss inside a guy's hole. Just the slightest pressure around my shaft pinches off the flow. And I have no issues pissing while hard. Damn my body... sometimes!

FelchingPisser said...

It's true, that I usually don't piss in a hole until it is "wrecked" (in popular parlance)--much looser than when I began. It's often after fisting, so again, it is not as tight at that moment. But I certainly have pissed in a tight hole. I tank up for piss play--twice as much as what I need to just to take a piss. I think that having so much in your bladder helps you to push through the pressure created by a tighter ass. That might do it for you.