Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Housekeeping: Redundancy and the whole Blogger issue

So as many of you know, I was debating on whether to switch to Tumblr after Blogger was going to mark blogs with explicit images as private.  Blogger has since backtracked on the issue and, finally, after a bunch of rumors on the forums and such has officially released an email confirming their stance.

I'm not gonna be too harsh on Google.  I mean, the service is free and they do incur quite a bit of cost and liability with copyright and child porn laws and such.  It still sucked, though, and seemed to go against their work in trying to build a community that favors their ecosystem, but whatevers.  And I've read up on it a bit and tumblr has gotten some pressure to regulate adult content a few years ago and flip flopped on the topic.  Not the flip flopping I like.

Bottom line is this: I'm dual posting.  I deleted my old tumblr account, imported all my blogger post into my new tumblr using a tool/app I found and then hooked the tumblr account to twitter.  So you guys should be able to reach me somehow...  And in case anyone is interested, I'm simplifying the dual-posting my using the "email to blog" feature on both blogger and tumblr.  I'll just be drafting my posts in email and then hitting the send button when I'm done and it goes to blogger, tumblr and twitter all roughly at the same time.  I'll be checking comments and such on each app separately though.  And eventually I'll get my lazy ass to find a good tool to gather content from all the different sites so that I can get a feed going without going to too many different places.

A couple of things: I was going to tag all my content, but decided to hell with that.  Couldn't think of a way to keep all that in sync.  And then my imported tumblr posts sometimes have links that point back back to blogger, but that's fine for now.

Now I'm hoping the hubub in activity will lead to some new followers that wouldn't mind an appearance on my blog.  Ha!



Anonymous said...

You had a busy time indeed :-)

Would you mind posting your tumblr link here?

Bruce Chang said...

Of course! How lame of me to forget: http://anothercheater.tumblr.com/

Bruce Chang said...

Here's my tumblr link
A little easier since this one is a link