Friday, March 6, 2015

Snapshot: It's odd

He ran his fingers over his his neck.  Lightly.  Then a little harder.  A slight massage or perhaps him trying to shake the feeling of my fingers around his neck, the feeling of digits digging into his jugular.  Grasping at the palm that was over his adam's apple but is no longer there.  Phantoms from a few minutes ago haunting him.

He wasn't in any danger.  I knew when my hands were blocking his windpipe and when they weren't.

"Why do I let you do things like that to me?" he asks, working his head back onto the bed.  Cheeks a little ruddy from where I slapped him a couple times.  

I was still hovering over him.  His legs were growing heavier and heavier over my shoulders as I was catching my breath after busting my nut deep inside his ass.  So I grabbed one leg and tossed if off me so that I could crash back onto his bed.

"I don't know.  Why do you?"

No big dom, top guy bravado.  Just an honest question.  He wasn't expecting it.  Unconsciously, he was prompting me for more degrading obscenities that flew out of my mouth while I was pounding my raw meat into him.  You know, something profane and misogynistic along the lines of "Because you're a sloppy-ass cunt whore begging and craving the seed of the man you'll never be but settling for getting knocked up by me and the MEN I pimp you out to"... or some shit like that.

I didn't let him off the hook.  Slightly uncomfortable pregnant pause before he started to reach for his tank top.  He was feeling exposed.

"I guess I just think you're really hot.  Just look at you."  I wasn't quite satisfied with the answer (though I liked how he stroked my ego and it made me smile and swell up with pride a bit), but I didn't say anything.  I didn't contradict him, even though I'm really just an average joe.  I'm breathtakingly mediocre, but I remained silent.  Just soaked up the smell of sex in the room.  Cum.  Ass.  Man-stink.  

And as odd as he found how much he got off on giving himself over to me on unexpectedly levels, I wondered if he'd find it just as odd that I feel far more comfortable fucking a load out of him while gently memorizing his body with soft caresses.  Gently.  I'm more at home expressing tenderness and really, I was just focused on his needs.  They just led me down a different, rougher path.

Funny how things work out.


Explorer Jack said...

I've met you.

You're NOT "breathtakingly mediocre" but you just may be a.....

a breathtaking Average Joe.

It's amazing how you can leave the average at the entrance to the bedroom door.

Nice post man.

Bruce Chang said...

Aw, shucks! If I didn't know any better, I'd think your flattery is an attempt to get into my shorts... :-)

Thanks for the warm fuzzies!

Anonymous said...

Some times we need someone perceptive who can see what we need from an encounter better than we can see ourelves. it sounds like this encounter qualifies. I can recall experiences where I was pushed just a little bit (or a big bit) and found I had something new to add to m repertoire. I think the Breeder was making a similar point in his recent post about saying yes.

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Paul - you can't dangle that carrot in front of us and not give details! Let's hear about one of these new additions to the repertoire! Hehe.

Mr Steed puts things into ways I can't express and does it with such ease and such completeness it's overwhelming. Damn him. But yes to him, of fucking course yes even.

But enough fan boy talk... Great hearing from you again, Paul. Cheers!

BikeGuy said...

he went down the path he wanted and couldn't ask for. And he couldn't say his desires.

Or it was partially a game to get you to say nasty things. I've been there. Shocking, I know.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Yeah, it was probably a little of both. I'm not naive to think it's his first rodeo, but still... Confiding in another what you really want is far different than piggy talk.