Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Snapshot: Rings

My fingers always tends to dance across the underside of an arm. Especially with someone that doesn't bottom often. A way of making him feel more than just my cock insistent about breaking through his ass and fully plant itself inside him. Fourth time with him and things aren't all too different. He's tight as hell. My aim is true and the head of my cock is pressing squarely against his ring. And I'm playing with the fuzz that covers every square inch of him. My fingers glide up the underside of his arms with a touch that teeters between the sensual and the ticklish, intimately knocking on the door of involuntary spasms and resistance.

It's when I get to the wrist that the five dancers skip and twirl against his palm to intertwine themselves with his fingers and I feel him respond. His fingers battle with mine for a second before his thumb and forefinger find my ring finger and starts rotating the band that encompasses it. Quarter rotations before his fingers reposition and rotate the ring again. And he sighs. He sighs and I feel his own ring flower open and my cock slip faults to a glide that ends when my pubes brush against his fuzzy ass. And his eyes flutter open at the fullness of it all.

I don't know what it is. He's proud of the "low miles" of his experience with men, so I can't tell if the ring is just a revered talisman of commitment (which, given the situation would be highly ironic) or if he's fetishized adultery and the thrill of getting away with it, a partner in "crime", is what turns him on. Or maybe he just needs something to justify my raw cock being buried in his ass. He always talks of condoms but the latex barrier is as foreign to our relations as a Martian diplomat would be to the UN.

I know I will outlast him, despite the fact that my cock is tucked in cozy and tighter than a kid with smothering parents at bedtime. Either way, I want to control when he cums. And I take control of his cock. Sheathing it with my fingers or abandoning it to pulse fervently in the air with need, whatever I decide for the moment.

A few pumps in and just the warmth of my hand is enough to make him blast so hard he shoots himself in the eye. The second and third shots after I re-aim hit the wall behind his head with authority.

He looks at me sheepishly with fingers still clutching the wedding band around my ring finger and his own ass ring pulsing and throbbing around the thickest of my digits. The longest of them. Still buried deep inside him.


Anonymous said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I'm reading this at work and getting hard at my desk. You have a way with words, my friend. YOu make me want to be either one of you. I think interlacing fingers is a very hot and intimate act during sex. My mind is reeling!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks Paul. Hopefully you're wearing boxers and slim fit flat front dress pants because I dare you to go to the water cooler next to the hottest guy in your office. Do it! :-)

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks anonymous guy!