Sunday, March 15, 2015

The passive top(?)

We first met on a whim. I was on a business trip and he answered my ad, which was pretty vague about what I was looking for but forthright about being honest and being immediately available and ready to play. He answered with the proposition to get together and jerk off together. Why not? It'd be kinda hot to quickly get his load all over my cock and let it dry there before I stuffed it in some other guy's throat to rehydrate the natural lube and then fuck my own load into the next hole after that. At least that's what ran through my head.

6'3", lightly fuzzy with some scruff that was out of place on his angular face and pale eyes that made him look supernatural. Shy but at the same time at ease with himself in a way that didn't make me doubt the claims that he has a live-in girlfriend and was just looking to play on his way home. It was odd. After our first meet, I was pretty much okay not playing for the rest of the night and turning in. Every subsequent visit to his city, we played and it was kinda the same way.

First time, I jerked him off and surprised him when I worked a finger up inside him with relative ease, pressing on his prostate as he shot his load in a spectacular finish. Second time, he blasted in my mouth as I worked his hole. Third time, he gave up trying to resist my attempts to kiss him and we both shot all over each other making out. Fourth time was just the other night and without realizing it, I had popped his cherry. He didn't tell me until after he showered and was stuffing his engorged cock back into his boxers. He outsizes me by at least an inch and instead of just putting on his jeans, he used the waistband of his boxers to keep his cock pressed up against his tummy. Yeah. He's big enough to show his hardon by an inch or two above the waistband of even his jeans. I was trying to figure it out. He told me he loves being serviced, that he's always been the top, but he's always been a really passive guy. When I asked him if me popping his cherry felt good, he responded with a "It was different... It didn't hurt..." He didn't go as far as announcing that he liked it, though. So I couldn't get it out of my head and contacted him the next day. To let him recover his masculinity a bit, I lured him with the promise of giving up my ass to him. And I did. Partly to see how he acts as full-on top.

Thank god he doesn't pound his meat all the way home. I think that'd knock something loose. But even then, I had to initiate things a bit. And he definitely didn't cum as easily as me working his hole.

So what did I do? Well, my last morning in town, I invited him to play before work. It was different this time. The rapport was there. And after some easy small-talk, we snapped together like two puzzle pieces. Lips locked and frolicking on the bed. No more walls. Just two guys going at it passionately.

I ended up throwing his legs over my shoulder and fucking a load out of him. And he shot hard. Not much volume. He never does. But a blast that even he was surprised at. Work was starting to weigh in on our minds, but we still just flopped there on the bed for a moment. And I knew this: he might be a top with most guys, he's probably a pretty passive top for most guys that are enamored by his size. But with me, he's totally fine with my meat fucking a load out of him. And that's fine by me.

Next time, I'm going hardcore and fucking my load into him.

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