Thursday, May 21, 2015

Beautifully awful

When I opened the door, I wanted to fall to my knees and weep 'cause he was so beautiful. Just an inch or two shorter than me but with shoulders as broad as he was tall. Buzzed hair. Clear blue eyes. Just the right amount of scruff after a long day. And a tattoo on his arm reminding him and every man he shakes hands with to seize the day.

Hollywood good looks, really.

But that's where the chemistry stops. Awkwardly shifts from foot to foot, this "straight" married guy that was begging to be fucked was just gonna use me as a human dildo. No eye contact. Didn't want to kiss. Wanted the experience without giving anything of him in return.

He rode me reverse cowboy and wrapped. Probably the worse combination for me, so I started to take control and bent him over, getting out from under him in one move to start to pounding the fuck out of him doggie-style. He stopped me. Telling me to go easy. I'm hitting it too deep. Then he's bucking back against me trying to get deeper.

Fuck, it'd be so much easier if I could actually look into your eyes (or at least feel your hole and how it's responding, but the condom was kinda killing the sensation..) I was going floppy fast.

Tossed him onto his back, one leg on the shoulder and then I was fucking it into him. And he moaned. At this point, I just wanted the satisfaction of making him cum. He was only at half mast but I had it in my head that he needs to know that he wants dick and he's gonna cum from it. I'm gonna make him realize he's a fuckin' bottom bitch.

I manipulated his floppy as I pounded it into him and a drop of cum few out of his cock. It surprised him. He started to apologize and then I just pounded him harder and he let out a moan and then, "ohfucki'mgonnacumi'mgonnacumi'mcummingohfuckohfuck." I didn't let up until he squirted the last shot off his dick at half mast.

End to end, even with cleanup, he was at my place for 15 minutes. As my twitter bud pointed out, the pretty ones could be so much better in bed if they realized that it takes more than to just merely show up. Sex is best as a two-way conversation played out by the flesh.


Explorer Jack said...

Hmmmm. Not for everyone. The anon hookup for me is much less about the connection, I like pretty and vapid. Just one old guys opinion, of course.

By the way, thanks for ramping up the blogging, now I just have to get my priorities in order and catch up!

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, I get it. And to be honest, I think he wasn't that into me as much as I was into him, but he really wanted a dick inside him. Still, I could have made it so much more fun if he gave me just a little. Just a little, ya know?