Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Conversation with a twerk

As much as I like to write, the exchange of words always trips me up. My mouth doesn't hit backspace as easily as my fingers. So I'm always enraptured by silent communications, body manipulations to exchange ideas. Let me show you what fun feels like, what a beautiful hurt is, and how need tingles across the skin. So I pull all my past experiences, surprises both positive and negative and let my fingers, hands, limbs, cock dance across another's bodily keyboard and I wait for the reply. And this time, he replies back with his own ideas and thoughts and feelings showing me a new road I've never seen.

The boy's a twerker. Over six feet of solid beef. You can tell the weight bench in the corner of the room isn't a useless hoarder's decoration but an object of utility. Late twenties smooth body Latin with nipples that respond favorably to attention, protruding and begging for it really. Rounded muscular shoulders that extend beyond the expanse of his back and accentuating the slim waist... Down to the perfect bubble butt. I mean, nice round globes that are firm but yet jiggle. Just plain beautiful and perfect.

After teasing his hole, he motions for me to stay still. Instead of just backing up into me, he twerks and little by little his hole accepts more and more of my cock until I'm buried balls deep. The visual of his ass bouncing in front of me. The feel of the vibrations against my cock and his two perfect globes bounce off each other. His tight hole contracting and relaxing. And then this amazing velvet feel of my cock getting thrown around deep in his ass hitting against glans I've never felt before...

Then he stops. My turn now. And I just lay a fierce assault on his ass before slowing to a long stroke deep. Shallow thrusts feeling the head of my dick opening his outer ring. Handling his globes apart and using the head to probe and tease the inner ring.

Back to him. Him showing how he can milk a cock. Then me showing how I can please a hole. Back and forth, a conversation of discovery until he can't handle it anymore and begs for my load and I deliver it deep. Just as I cum, I bury myself as deep as I can and he can feel me pulse shot after shot into him.

"Fuck, you're gonna make me cum," he announces and as I come down from my own orgasm, I feel his start and the quivers around the base of my cock. He cums hands free. If I hadn't cum earlier that day, that would have set me off again.

Glancing back at me, the only thing I could do is stupidly peer at his scruffy face and chuckle at how amazing that was.


BlkJack said...

Would love to see a vid of that hot interaction.

Anonymous said...

I think this business of posting every day is enhancing your skill as a writer -- what a vivid portrait you paint of this rare specimen and a what a vivid description you offer us of how it all felt. You are a Word Master! And there's only one other blogger I think I could say that about.

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

As would I, BlkJack! I do find that guys are more and more open to getting filmed... Maybe next time.

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks Paul! Hoping it gets easier the more I do it! Sorta like bottoming... :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the part about unspoken communication. Like dancing.


Bruce Chang said...

Thanks Cat. Yeah, and this time we danced well together. Other guys though, sometimes it's just a hot mess.