Friday, May 29, 2015

Must love dogs

I had forgotten that he wrote "must love dogs" in his profile on Growlr, but it came back to me when I heard fierce barking from the other side of the door when I rang the doorbell. On the other side, was a small dog that, after I stepped over the threshold, vigorously wagged her tail and contented itself to lie on my foot as I gave her a tummy rub.

Her owner had a towel wrapped around himself from the morning shower. After banishing the pup and locking ourselves into his bedroom, I found that he liked his fuzzy belly rubbed too. And his fuzzy ass. Especially with my cock. In fact it didn't take long for me to rub a load out of him while my dick was sawing in and out of his ass.

When we emerged from the bedroom, the pup was there. She immediately ran to the other room and grabbed a toy. Apparently it's now her time to play with me.

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