Monday, May 25, 2015


I didn't notice it before. I was too busy enraptured by the boy's skill. He's aggressive maybe. Eager. Enthusiastic. Passionate. Or maybe he just really wants my load and is trying to coax it out of my cock with his throat as fast as possible. He's on his way to work afterall. But what I didn't notice was that he's pierced. And not the usual place either. Not a PA. Not a guiche piercing. Not the frenulum. It's actually his sack, near the base of the cock. Just noticing it now since he stood up to present me his goods to suck.

I peer up at him.

Stocky, mildly fuzzy. He kisses hard with the same wild abandon and frenetic energy as when he sucks cock. In fact, it kinda throws me off my game. And when he speaks, it's with a deep, smokey growl that makes my cock stiffen.

His hardon seems to have wilted a bit, though as I peer up at him as he presents his cock to me for sucking. And I take him down my throat, using my tongue to undulate across the underside, my cheeks hollowing out as I suck him deeper, I slowly feel his cock start to respond. It's just not responding as fast as I'd like and I'm pretty sure I know why. As I'm running through my rolodex of nifty techniques on his cock, my tongue, throat and mouth all busy, I'm still destracted: there's got to be a name for that type of piercing...


AJ said...

It's called a Hafada.

Bruce Chang said...

Ah ha! Knew my fellow pervs out there reading would enlighten me! Thanks AJ!