Saturday, May 23, 2015

The enigma

It's really late. We've been in bed for a couple of hours now and the hair on his shoulders are tickling my nose a bit, making me smile.

"Oh, my top, my top, mytop, mytop..." I've already fucked him once and loaded his ass. And have also shot another dribble on his balls. He's shot an equal amount of times, and each time was a lightening bolt streak of cum flying out and illuminating the world with white liquid radiance. And I'm not sure what he's trying to say. I'm not even fucking him. He's just repeating it over and over as I'm idly jerking him off and then he shoots again. This time it splatters up my arm and a couple drops hit my bicep. The next shot is launched farther and I can hear it land on the pillow next to my head.

"Fuck," I sigh. And I let my own load go as he tugs. Just a few dribbles. I'm tapped out. If we go for another round, I know I'm gonna be shooting blanks.

I roll onto my back and catch my breath. And out of nowhere, I utter softly, "You're a complete enigma..."

I wasn't talking about his chant right before he came and how I couldn't tell what was going on in his head. It's also because he's one of maybe two fuck buds that I know that are single and consider themselves on the DL. He lives in what I've heard is now dubbed the marina arts district and has artsy job but is insanely in the closet and I can see walls that he puts up everywhere both in his professional life and his personal so that the two don't intermingle. But I get glimpses of a really sensitive man. And a guy that's turned on by fucking someone that's involved, and that's aggressive, but loves to sub out. It's partly because we've probably only said ten words out loud to each other since we've known each other. The preferred method of communication is text and the vague clues on context and meaning from that technology. I've managed to at least get an understanding of a guy after meeting them six or seven times.

He baffles me. And that's really intriguing.

And I drift off to sleep listening to the music that he has in the background. A unique playlist that's doesn't delight in indie elitism, but is personally crafted to be restrained. Definitely a playlist of his creation. That makes sense. And that's my last thought as I doze, his goo drying on my arm.

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