Friday, May 22, 2015

Unabashed honesty

So I'm in Texas and a guy I played with the other day finds me on Grindr and asks if I got any more ass. I'm never sure of people's intentions when they ask that. Sometimes it's a way of asking how much of a slut you are. Other times, it's a like-minded pig wanting to swap stories. And then it can also be a question leading to an invite over. I decided that to promote a culture of sex-positive honesty, I'd answer completely unrestrained. My answer? That there wasn't much interest in me... and that I've been getting the "oh, you're asian not interested" thing a bit when I send them a face pic. There was a long pause after that. Then he says, "but at least you've got a big dick". Um. Ok. Ha! (And I guess things aren't all that much bigger in Texas cause I'm quite average...)


Tannedmusc said...

Where in TX are you ???
Would LOVE to meet you !!!
I'm in D/FW..
Love your blog !!!

Bruce Chang said...

Thanks Michael! I travel a bit for work. When in TX, usually south unfortunately: San Antonio, Austin and sometimes Houston. Would definitely like to meet you if I ever get to Dallas!