Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Cute, handsome face

I'm a sucker for a cute/handsome face.  I guess that's all relative, but nothing gets me going more than a solid, square jaw line, especially one that bulges out like a guy grinding his teeth with a sneer.  Thick eyebrows on top of deep set eyes.  A visible forehead that elongates the face in a masculine way...  But unfortunately, this guy didn't have any of that.

He owns a few acres just outside of town.  A former ranch guy and his body shows it.  In fact, everything about his body I loved.  A couple inches shorter than me.  Broad shoulders that once his shirt came off. showed muscles braided along the wide expanse and down his back.  A narrow waist that accentuates the curves of his ass as it pops out just below.  What form he built up as a kid definitely got enhanced in the gym.  I would have thought I was watching porn, a ploy of mass-marketing masculine fantasy, if I couldn't reach out and touch him.  So the face was a bit jarring.  At least for my tastes.  

When he went in for a kiss, I half-heartedly gave him a few pecks.  My eyes were drawn to everything else he possessed instead.  He wanted those kisses so bad and my heart ached with profound empathy when I couldn't give him more than empty motions with my lips.  In the meantime, my eyes were eating up the beauty of his body, making my cock drool with copious fuckjuice salivation so that as my body involuntarily mashes against him over and over, I started to enter him little by little until I was balls deep inside him.  Raw.  Natural.  His eyes cracked open with a gasp when I hit bottom before they settled with a sigh of regret, mirroring the same empathy that I showed him before, as he pushed me off him and reached for the condom.  We both sighed with regret that we couldn't quite give each other what they wanted.

I still fucked a load out of him.

I also came fucking him and I was quite amazed at how big my load was in that rubber.  I usually don't cum that much.


Not Alone said...

Rubbers.... I know you would rather go without, but I'm glad he restrained if he needed to.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, but I respect people's limits... For the most part. Ha!