Friday, June 26, 2015

Eyes closed

I'm with the enigma this time.  His legs over my shoulders, folding him in half onto himself.  Sounds familiar, right?  But this time, with this guy, his eyes are tightly closed.  They dance behind the curtain of his eye lids.  Rapid movement as if he's sleeping.  Scanning the horizon, searching.  Seeking.

I'm still amazed though.  Just moments before, I was on my knees between his legs, his legs dangling over the edge of the bed while he laid flat on his back.  My tongue was working his cock as I used suction to tease the head of his cock in the back of my throat, sucking it in and out of the tight opening.  And as I looked up, I saw a forest of dense fuzz give way to two mountains formed by his chest.  And it was just that moment where I felt his cock stiffen and his hands fly up to my head.  He was dangerously close to the edge and I didn't back off in time.  I just went for it and felt his cock recoil and launch his load into my mouth.

At that point, I wasn't sure if he'd be up for it, but I still wanted to fuck him.  So I kept his load in my mouth and worked it into his hole.  Using just his own load as lube, I fucked my inches into him.  And that's where we're at now.  His legs over my shoulders, his eyes tightly shut, and me sawing my cock in and out.  Though he doesn't look at me, his body responds.  Changes in tempo elicit moans.  A fierce plunge in makes his cock swell, even after being completely spent just moments before.  Teasing his hole with the head of my cock makes him go hard and soft in my hands.  I let go, though, and let my hands explore his fuzz.  God, I love his fuzz.  And even though he can't see, I make him feel it.  Feel all my desire and lust concentrated onto my groin as it pistons into him and my nuts boil over to shoot pure liquid need into his body.  After that, I hope he sees whatever he scans for behind those lids.

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