Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Flip flops, but not

As I was walked away from his hotel room, I stared at my flip flops. They're a pair of really worn out Reefs. The leather is soft and has stretched and lengthened out away from the soles from the extended use, so I noticed that I'm squinching my toes together afraid that my feet will fling it across the hall if I don't. Squinched tight. Holding it in place as I walk. Footsteps of sustained, tense muscle contractions.

The guy I just fucked advertised himself as a "bi top" on the headline of his Grindr profile. He probably is a top most of the time. We were both staying at the same hotel and I actually had double-booked play dates the previous night so all we had were like five minutes of jostling about before I jerked him off. He wanted to play again, but had an early morning flight. Fine by me. I'm a morning person. So he wedged a card in the doorjamb and I snuck in and woke him up this next morning with my cock sliding up and down his ass with only spit as lube. I fucked him with just our natural juices. When I came, his back was arched and his hips slightly raised with his legs splayed far apart. He was begging for my load as I fucked.

His room was completely blacked out so I'm sure he slept longer than he intended. He's not gonna have much time before he leaves for the airport, so I left him there panting with my load buried deep in his ass. And as I walked back to my room, scrunching up my toes, I imagine his ass doing the same as he walks down the long corridors of the airport, tightening up trying to keep my load in so it doesn't make a visible mess leaking out into his pants. Muscles of strained contraction as he walked. And when I finally opened up Grindr later that night, he left a trail of messages over the course of hours like long steps, each pregnantly laden with the same tension of consuming, sustained lust.


bbburghbottom said...

That is fucking hot!!!!

Bruce Chang said...

I kinda imagine you trying to keep all those birthday loads in, too... And what's hot for me is you being unsuccessful and having it leak out. Yum! Ha!

BikeGuy said...


I've been that guy waiting for my plane....wondering how long I could hold it.

Bruce Chang said...

I'd lick your plane seat when you get up to clean the mess... :-)