Thursday, June 11, 2015

Remnants of the massage

I flopped back onto the bed only to find it littered with little curled C's all over the bedspread. He was a tall and beefy bear type. Covered in coarse dark hair that felt great on me when he pressed against my back. I had paid for a massage with some "bonding time" and that meant that having a two-hundred slab of pure masculine beef lying on top of you and pressing you deep into the mattress. I didn't mind that one bit. I got a happy ending, which I really didn't need and I would have much rather had it sinking my tool deep inside him, but a handy was fine. I just didn't expect him to shed on the bed. It made me smile, though, thinking about our bodies rubbing together, skin to skin, his hairy body all over mine, and him leaving his DNA in a peculiar manner. The rococo of curls was him shedding on the bed.

It didn't freak me out at all, but I opted to sleep in the other clean bed that night nevertheless. The advantage of being a solo business traveler in a room with two beds.

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