Friday, July 17, 2015

Mutual heat

I'm already inside him with just spit as lube, him on his back with his legs over my shoulders when he stares into my eyes and says, "You're so goddamn hot!"  He has those heavy-lidded bedroom eyes that ooze sensuality and desire so when he uttered that remark, you can't help but see it coming from deep in his core.  The message undeniably true.  I couldn't help but break out into chuckle.  Or rather, it was more a rather unbecoming guffaw that I hastened to cut off.  The reaction nearly folded the kid in half and he didn't complain.  He's so fucking flexible.

I'm honored.  But it's me that should be vocalizing the incredulous charm of his partner.  The kid is strikingly handsome.  A tall, lanky otter with some fuzz on his chest.  Soft, floppy brown hair that I can't help but curl my fingers through when I was earlier guiding his head up and down my shaft.  And then the fuzz that grows denser as your eyes are guided down to the monster under his waist.  He's a thick, uncut eight inches or more.  In fact, when I first laid my hands on it, my cock flopped next to it and seemed so incredibly insignificant.  I'm the quarter that you place in a photograph next to a large mass to demonstrate scale.  This kid is gonna be trouble in a couple years.

Kid...  It's then I realize that he wasn't even born yet when I first came out.

We fumble around for a solid two hours.  He never came but tells me it's always been hard for him to cum.  I came rather early but was still hard afterwards.  I'm not sure it was the best sex.  I made him wince a couple times, fucking too deep.  He's a pincher more than a caresser and made me yelp a couple times.  But I did make him tremble a few times with the sensations of my tongue, hands and cock all over and inside his body.  And I really had a hard time leaving because even though I was completely spent, tussling around with a guy that feeds you the same amount of desire you send, even though awkwardly at times, is just simply intoxicating.


Fit Studs said...

Hey there, Bruce.

Tried e-mailing you but it didn't work out (a mess, really) so, I'm writing you here. Think you've noticed my comments, I've been a faithful visitor. :) I like your blog! Would love to collaborate & exchange links.

Mine is: Hot guys pictures.
Let me know via e-mail or via comments on my blog, since I read those. ;)

Explorer Jack said...

Damn. I want an otter for a couple of hours!

BikeGuy said...

young and 8". sigh.

Not Alone said...