Thursday, August 13, 2015

When your fuckbuds know each other...

I saw it before I smelled it.  Don't worry, it was a good smell.  I was pumping pretty hard and fast into TheTwerker.  Full strokes.  All the way in and all the way out and on the outstroke I saw some white foam around my cock.  Could it be?  Nah!  But yup.  There it was, the distinct smell of another man's cum wafting up to my nose that made me drill TheTwerker even harder.

Let me backtrack.

I gotta say, my chest swelled up with pride a little when I got the text from GeekyCub.  Apparently, he and TheTwerker know each other.  Usually, fuck buds don't mention other fuck buds in conversation so I knew something was going on.  Maybe they were planning a group thing or something.  But no.  Apparently, TheTwerker was just talking to him about how he got thoroughly railed the other day.  In a good way.  One of those "holy crap that was a good fuck session" that makes you wanna just tell someone... anyone!  For me, that's usually you, dear readers.  But for TheTwerker, he blabbed to GeekyCub and then shared a pic of the top.  Yup.  That top was me.  Ha!

So I did what anyone would do.  I got us all three together.

When I took over fucking TheTwerker, GeekyCub had deflated a bit so I figured he was just nervous or something.  It's happened before when we shared a bottom.  Little did I know that it was the complete opposite.  He was so turned on that he came inside TheTwerker just moments after he got his dick buried to the hilt.  We were spit roasting the guy when just moments later GeekyCub pulled back and I took over.  I should have felt it.  In fact, I did feel it but sorta dismissed it.  There's nothing quite like fucking a cum-lubed hole.

I pulled out and asked GeekyCub to lay down.  TheTwerker climbed on top and started to make out with him when I re-entered.  And moments later, I saw that TheTwerker had problems keeping up with the make out session.  Spasms.  Yup.  He's cumming.  Handsfree with me behind him fucking that load out of him.

I felt a little bit of pressure to finish up at this point and after a couple position changes, I ripped my load into TheTwerker with a growl.  GeekyCub and I showered up and when I got back to my car, I find that only forty minutes have passed since I first left my car to knock on the door.

We need a rematch.  Forty minutes?!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Temporary hearing loss, excuses

I did what I normally don't do when he asked for a condom: I pretended not to hear him.  I continued to slide my cock up and down his ass until I decided when I was done teasing his hole.  Looked up at his face.  Into his eyes.  He was about to say something but I didn't give him a chance.  I plunged deep inside him raw.

And I'm not normally like that.  I honor a guy's wishes especially when it takes some courage to express them.  But fuck if I wasn't gonna take that ass the way I wanted it.  He'd dicked me around three times before on Growlr.  Once, we were about to meet and then he begged off for a work call.  The next time he threw out his back.  The last time, he suddenly had a charlie horse that seized up his leg.  The excuses became more and more flimsy and always at the last minute to the point where I didn't really plan on ever meeting him and not because I wasn't willing but I was just certain that something would come up and he'd cancel.  So when he arranged to meet again, I didn't set aside time to be with him.  If it happened, it happened.  In fact, I made it easy on myself to double-book and cancel on him if needed.  I figured it'd only be fair for me to match my level of commitment to his, with that level being minimal at best, being more akin to a momentary whim.

So imagine my surprise when he actually shows up my door.  His handsome face did nothing to soften my sour attitude so he got the worst of it.  Short clipped responses before I tore his clothes off him.  When I finally entered him, barely a perceptable paused before I laid an all out assault on his hole.  And the ironic law where the less you're into someone the faster you cum held true.  I felt the cum about to boil over and ripped my cock from his hole just in time.  He was on his back and wordlessly he scrambled to turn around and wiggled his ass at me.

Fuck it.  Placed my hands on his fuzzy shoulders and pulled them back while simultaneously thrusting forward.  My aim was dead on.  And I let my hands trace down his fuzzy back as I pounded his ass so hard his full ass bounced and crashed upon each other like waves on a stormy hard, rocky coast.

I came half a minute later and then kicked him out, literally opening the door as he started to try making small talk.  Something about being a classical musician and living a couple blocks away.  Maybe.  I was half listening.  I'm not sure he asked for it, but he got it anyway: a dick in every way imaginable.

Hours later he messaged asking for a repeat the next day.  I used work for an excuse to decline.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The pic

His face is trapped in a shy grin on the pic on my phone.  His hair a mass of unruly curls, somewhere between defiance and fashion.  One hand over his head grasping at nothing on the cloud of pillows in a leisurely pose while the other frozen mid-stroke on his angry red cock.  My thighs are in the pic.  As are his.  His covers most of mine before they're cut off of the frame, but I can trace those limbs in my memory.  A pocket cub from Colorado with meaty miniature legs that attempt to wrap themselves around my back because I'm inside him and he wants me in there.  Deeper.  They scramble to pull me closer.  His hole wraps evenly around my shaft before it tightens and tries to suck me in even further.  I remember the suction of his needy ass on every backstroke as I fuck him.

He had requested the pic.  I suspect he's artificially enhanced the experience, an inference with the frequent fragmented thoughts and restless eyes on an otherwise serene face.  He wants to capture the moment.  He wants to see what I'm doing to him.

He shot off quickly after.  I continued fucking, though.  He may be content with reliving the experience later through photographs but my body wanted to play with the elasticity of time and stretch it into an infinitely long snapshot of now.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Snapshot: Engorged, Sinewy

I let the Kleenex float down to my belly and as soon as I felt it lightly land on my skin, the thousands of hungry little knotted fibers reached out to engorge themselves on my cum load.  I had just finished jerking off.  Here at my desk at home.  Constantly distracted my a scene in my head that played itself over and over in my head until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to rub one out.

I had placed an ad on Craigslist for a bate bud.  I had just landed a few hours ago and was beat so didn't want to do anything too involved and ironically, placing an ad for something so pedestrian in my huge bag of tricks actually tends to yield the best results in terms of actually connecting.  Checked into my room, took a shower and then he messaged.  Young kid.  A number of inches taller than me but lighter than me.  Thin.  Lanky.  He just happened to be using the WiFi from the McDonald's a mile down the road so it was perfect.  And when he came over, he was damn near perfect in other was as well.  Didn't want to kiss, but was damn eager to do everything else.  Stroking led to him sucking me down, gagging on each downstroke but eagerly trying to deep throat me again and again.  And when my hand played with his ass, he looked up at me with my cock still in his mouth and paused.  Just a moment.  Then whirled himself around and presented his ass to me.  Ass in the air, head and shoulders flat to the mattress.  And that ass!  An angry pink against the pale translucence of his ass.  And an insistence that could not be denied.  Just seconds and a wad of spit in his hole before I was sinking inside his tight hole.  The harder I fucked, the deeper I went, the more he screamed into the mattress and the more he bucked back to meet my thrusts.  His taut skin over his sinewy muscles that are flexing and stretching to milk me of my load, long fibers straining to suck the cum out of core.  I could feel his hole body reaching out to me and I collapsed onto his back with my arms reaching under him and pulling him back in a tight embrace, fucking more and more of my mass into him until I came and crushed his limbs onto himself in a mass of ruins.

Later, he absurdly produced a roll of toilet paper out of his backpack to sop up the mess I've made of him and of the mess he's made himself despite having a the hotel towel and shower so ready for the taking.

But it's that moment where the ferocity of his thirst equally matched my profoundly direct infliction that I keep referring back to.  And even as I lift the tissue off my body after it had thoroughly soaked up my emissions, so saturated that faint remnants still cling to me as I noted it's heft, it's weight and toss it into the wastebasket, light and limber transformed to heavy and full.  And I still feel the echoes of our connection pulsing around in my head.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Musings: Straight guys

So I’ve been on tumblr for a little while now and sorta getting used to it.  It’s taken me awhile to get past all the visual porn collection swapping and get to the first-person textual story telling that I love so much.  They’re out there though.  Shout out to getnakedwithbros​ and datravellr​ and thecheatingboyfriends​ and there are even more guys out there that are pretty open about themselves and it’s a whole new way of story-telling through selfies and reblogs and such.  I’m digressing though.  So getnakedwithbros​ posted an article about straight guys and I was listening to NPR and they mentioned the book that just came out and it got me thinking.

I’m not going to delve into the nuances of the study, but it definitely highlights a few things for me.  There’s quite a few different attitudes toward guys that consider themselves straight but still fuck around with other guys.  You got one camp that thinks the one-drop rule where if you even are curious enough to touch another man’s dick then you’re gay.  There’s my partner that doesn’t believe in bisexuality.  He’s of the “fulcrum” gang that believes that nobody is in the absolute center in term of preference and therefore nobody is truly bisexual and it’s just social constructs that prevents someone from choosing a side.  And then there’s this whole bro culture going on where the gender of the sexual act is inconsequential and even the act itself is more frivolous fun than anything else.  In that case, the whole straight thing is completely valid.

Looking back, I can’t help if each of those attitudes may be partially right.

There was this one straight player-type dude.  Beefy italian guy with a thick cock that I used to service regularly on my way home from work.  He considered himself straight.  I mean, his girlfriend called and left a message on the answering machine during one of my visits (yeah, answering machine.  this was awhile ago) Said I gave him the best head, which was weird because at that point I’ve given head to maybe five guys max.  He still dated and fucked around with women and it definitely felt like that was his preference.  But he also loved being pegged.  I fucked him a number of times and he always claimed it was so intense and I could see a struggle in him ‘cause he fuckin’ loved it but kinda didn’t want to ask for it.  Didn’t have any interest in my cock though.  Well, nothing other than having it nudge his prostate until he came.

Then there’s this one guy recently I met off of CL.  We met on the context of getting together to rub one out and I was in town for the week and we ended up getting together a couple of times.  I ended up raw fucking him to a really intense orgasm where his whole body shook and his legs were wobbly and he was still shaking trying to get to the bathroom to clean himself up.  That freaked him out a little.  Apparently I took his cherry and it was all fun and games until then.  The sex almost seemed “incidental” and just an extension of goofing off.  Like, let’s go grab a drink and talk baseball and oops, I fell on your fucking dick and took your load.  Ha!  You’re a goof.  Whoops!  Hey-yo!  But I think the intensity threw him off.  We hooked up a couple more times on return visits but he became distant and then basically told me he moved (which I can’t verify).

Then on the flipside, there’s another guy that’s in his 50s that I’ve written about earlier back when my blog was on blogger and I apparently robbed him of his cherry too.  He was a drunken mess one time and it didn’t feel right but the other time he was still lucid enough where I didn’t feel like I was raping him.  There, I could tell he was chasing demons, being married with kids and all and though he called himself straight at the time, it was different.  Just recently, I contacted him and he got divorced, has a boyfriend and lives in an apartment.  We decided to get together for ol’ times sake.  And he has a soft spot for me being the first cock to fuck him (he had done a lot of oral before) so we played and his boyfriend knew we’d get together and play.  We made out kinda hard and I pushed him back and before my tongue hit his hole, just my mere breath on it, he let out a big sigh and said, “And this is why I love being gay.”  Man, that guy can take a drilling.

And then...  there are the guys that claim to be straight or bi just to set themselves apart as hypermasculine even though they are gold star gay and would throw up at the sight of pussy.  I’ve had a few fuck buds over the years where I slowly found out that their wife or girlfriends were actually boyfriends and partners and I kinda just laugh it off.  The funny thing about it is that the “straight” guys that I’ve played with all were up for experimenting.  Things weren’t really off limits because it was too gay but more because it was just something they didn’t want to do.  It just wasn’t fun.  Wasn’t a masculinity thing.  Just was unappealing, if that makes any sense.
But yeah, it’s interesting to think back on all the guys I’ve played with.  There’s more than I realized that I’ve fucked with girlfriends and wives away.  My playing has always been a type of sport fucking or casual indulgences of a sexual nature.  It just so happen that the people I choose to connect with on an emotional level also happen to be the same gender that I’d connect with on a casual, incidentally sexual nature as well.