Thursday, September 24, 2015


He was gagging on my cock, his hole body making a huge retching noise when I said it.  "Yeah, that's a real man's cock.  Some day, your little inverted boy-cock will be like this."

Jackpot.  His eyes widened and he made a small whine before he suddenly dove to take my cock down his throat to the root, making himself gag but still going for it.  I hit the right nerve.

"Can you even get hard yet, little boy?  You become a man yet?  Do you even know what I'm talking about?  This is what a man needs to make babies.  One day, you'll understand."

He looked up at me, "Please?  Can you show me daddy?"

Of course, this is completely ridiculous, saying this to a guy a dozen years my senior.  Good looking guy.  Married.  Kids.  Has one small tattoo back when he was a wild youngster but now he's settled down.  In life.  And in his body.  A little beefy, not messy at all.  Just a guy that's eased into his body.  Still very much easy on the eyes, especially with those piercing grey eyes and those blonde eyebrows that turn up when they plead with you.

We're both at airport hotels right next to each other and I had walked over.  Was just about to head up the elevators before he snuck in a small fact.  He's curious about being submissive and likes to be humiliated.  That was all he noted and he seemed to want to retract it, but couldn't.  And I couldn't press for more information because I was practically already walking into his room.

So I spent the next hour making him give himself a rug burn, crawling about the room.  I made him lie down on the floor while I sat on the couch, made him just lie there for inspection as I used his as an ottoman.  Making him undress me with just his teeth.  Slapped him hard to correct him when he spoke out of turn.  Spat in his face when he dared to do it again and to address me without respect.  And smacked his balls hard enough for him to double over.

And he loved my cock.  He couldn't get enough.  But when I uttered those words, belittling him for his small endowments, he went wild.  I finally hit that sweet spot.  Submission and humilation comes in so many forms so I had to test the waters to find out what he really wanted.  And he ate it up.  He's a father and in all fairness, he's not that small when he's hard.  I have no business telling him how to breed and his cum is potent enough to produce offspring but still.  He loved me pressing against that little bit of insecurity.  And pushing it to comical proportions.

He had told me no anal, but with his plead for me to show him how, I ate his ass real good and then worked my cock between his ass cheeks.  Teasing him with the head of my cock while continuing the verbal assault.  I had him in a trance and worked the head of my cock in before he snapped to and jerked away.  He wanted it.  But he was afraid.  His ass didn't fight me until the last minute.  Tight, but willing.  More willing than even some of the experienced bottoms.

The tortured raspy voice that tried to vocalize his concern was a mix of confused emotions.  He wanted it bad.

But I was a good guy.  I didn't want to press him to places he'd regret.  And in just a few minutes after, I shot my load all over his face and scooped some up to jerk him off, which didn't take much at all.

And as I was coming down from the encounter, about to pass out on his bed while he curled up into the fetal position at my side, I thought about how much work it was to test the boundaries and gauge his reactions and I wondered how much it was really me at his service, trying to make him satisfied instead of the other way around.


BikeGuy said...

"I have no business telling him how to breed and his cum is potent enough to produce offspring..."

Clearly, he thought different.

Bruce Chang said...

Ha! Yeah, but when you're a gold star gay (though, bi-curious in the other direction) some of the things I said sounded completely ridiculous. Though, I suppose I've had enough experience wooing folks into giving up their holes for my cum...

BikeGuy said...

you don't say!

I'm still new to all of this. : )

Bruce Chang said...

Right... ;-)