Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reconnecting, outside work

TheEnigma came to my hotel again.  Apparently, he prefers being sleazy in a hotel.  Or perhaps he just kinda freaked out when I spent the night that one time.  I mean, I we fucked a lot that one time I spent the night and with the way he keeps on calling me "his top" and the way he loves playing with the ring on my hand, I had thought he enjoys a bit of the intimacy and romanticizes it a bit.  Or maybe he fetishizes being the "other" guy.  Either way, he prefers coming to my hotel now instead of me dropping by his place.

I answered the door naked and he laughed and said, "Nice!"  Not in the sexy-i'm-so-turned-on way, but more of a fratty bro sharing a joke kinda way.  And honestly, I kinda knew I'd get that reaction and purposely did it.  Kinda drew inspiration from another blog I'm reading full of these bro-types.  He scrambles into the room in the bumbling, bouncy but heavy-footed masculine way and tossed him around a bit as I locked lips with him and tore at his clothes until we fell onto the bed.  There, I fucked him mercilessly as I held onto his cock and just when he was about to cum, his eyes came back into focus and the made an attempt to grab my hand.  Not to stop me from jerking him off but to guide the shot so he doesn't hit his face.  The connection broke for a sec and that momentary lapse from the sexy to the utilitarian stopped him from shooting all over like he normally does.  Still shot far.  Hit the pillow even.  But I could tell it was different than when he cums with abandon.  Gotta work on that...

Afterwards, we made small chit chat and somehow we got into the topic of our favorite food trucks.  And it turns out, we actually worked at the same company for a year without realizing it.  Different floors, different crew, but still the same building and everything.  Small word.  Completely blew us away.  And then at the heels of that discovery, he asked to meet again the next night.  I figured that totally confirmed my original thought that he's into that fetishizing intimacy thing but then the next day he cancelled.  So I'm still not sure.  And he's still TheEnigma.