Thursday, September 17, 2015

The circle jerk

I had a little over a couple of hours in the hotel before I had to hit the road and get to work.  Nothing was panning out on the apps.  Either long delays between responses or no replies back at all.  I figured it was better use of my time that I let them come to me instead.  Why hunt when you can just set out bait and wait.  So I placed an ad on Craigslist and I used a tactic that seems to work when I'm short on time.  I was very specific on what I looked like but also equally vague on what I was looking for.  Basically noted that I'm a top, but just looking to get together with a guy and jerk off and let it lead to where ever from there.  Fully explicit on my stats.  Noted that I'm Asian up front in case there were any hangups on race...  or the opposite, in case they have a fetish for it.  But I've noticed that the casual tone of the get together seems to bring in a lot more responses and a lot more responses from people that actually commit to meeting.  I think it's the demographic that attracts people to Craigslist.  The people browsing there instead of the apps are either just looking for good jerk off material, are curious, or have really specific things that they're looking for that a proximity app just doesn't provide.  So with the ad I put up, I get the curious guys that are okay with something starting off casual with just a stroke bud, but it also turns off the guys that are just wanting to exchange pics and nasty chat 'cause stroking off is pretty mundane.  And since I provided a pic and was pretty explicit about what I looked like, I also got those that were looking for more and liked what they saw.

Waited a good 15 minutes before the responses started to come in.  Some guys totally didn't read the ad and were just drawn to my dick pic, asking questions that were already answered in the ad.  I half-hardheartedly replied to those.  Among the responses, three of them looked promising.  One from a guy about half an hour out.  White guy about my page and nicely and naturally fuzzy all over.  A good lookin' otter from what I could tell.  Considered himself straight but curious.  Then another guy that was half my age (yikes!) at 19 and just down the street from me.  Also a newbie and curious.  He sent a face pic and he was a good-lookin' kid with dark Mediterranean features.  Then finally, a guy that lived between the two of them.  Latin guy with a girlfriend that wanted to get into some oral and maybe more.  I rolled the dice and invited them all over saying that I had invited a guy over during the wait between messages but that they were welcome to come over for a circle jerk.  Gave them the room number and address just for good measure in case they needed that nudge.

To my surprise, all three showed up.

The first was to arrive was the Latin guy.  Kinda bouncy swagger that seemed more like affectation than natural gestures.  Cute as fuck though.  My height.  Shaved head.  And when he dropped his over-sized shirt and shorts, he had zero body fat.  Tattoo on his chest that he had cropped out of his pic to be less identifiable, a tattoo that snaked up his neck.  We aggressively groped each and and almost simultaneously grabbed each other's ass cheek and grinned.

"Fuck, you have a nice ass."

"You, too!" I replied.

We groped each other pretty hard until he worked himself to solid eight inches of beef, with the foreskin practically fully pulled back.  Wasn't expecting that from the pic.  Bad camera angle.  I was expecting a handful but not that beauty.

Just before we were going to go at it, a knock on the door.  It was the otter.  I opened the door and without a word, just a grin and a head nod beckoning him in, I went back to the Latin boy, eager to pick up where we left off.  But the vibe changed.  As much as I knew that we'd be on the bed fucking if it weren't for the knock, I knew that him subbing out for me in front of another guy wasn't going to happen.

The otter was cute.  Kinda a older skater punk type guy wearing vans and Dickies and a couple of layers on top despite being hot and humid out.  And appropriate with the look, also stank of cigarettes.

And he was completely out of his element.  Fidgety and confused, walking in on two buck naked guys groping each other.  He awkwardly stood there trying to decide what to do, his face tormented in a scowl of bewilderment and absolute desire.  His hunger won out and he joined the little pack, stripping down to his wife beater.  I noted the chain around his neck with some patron saint on it.  Cop maybe?  Fireman?  Quick thought before I grabbed the hem of his ribbed white tank and yanked on it with a grunt of exasperation, silently ordering him to ditch it.

The guy was nicely fuzzy.  Perfect density in a regular pattern all over.  And his unit chubbed up quite quickly.  Not fully hard, but still matched my length at about seven inches or so.  7  Cut.  Completely straight shaft.

The Latin guy and I made room for him and pulled him closer, taking turns tugging on each guy before I let them have at each other while I got behind the Latin guy and made an audible smack with my rod against his ass.  I knew the otter would be turned on by it.  Living porn.  Reached around and pulled him closer to me and mock fucked him while he tugged on the otter.  And that's the first time he stopped him.

"Slow down.  Sorry.  Just really sensitive."

We had only been playing with each other for maybe five minutes.  Another two minutes and he stopped my hand while I was tugging him asking me to slow down.  Too late though.  The otter started shooting.  Hands free.  Four solid squirts that we let fly into the air and to land onto the carpet with a thud.  Then the Latin grabbed the shooting cock and stroked.  Three more volleys even more powerful than the last, shooting a good four or five feet out before landing on the floor.  And then he kept on oozing.  Down his hand.

"Fuck, man.  Nice load," Says the Latin in a deep breathy whisper.

He sheepishly withdrew withdrew while the Latin guy and I looked at each other and started to grope with renewed frenzy.  The otter wasn't quite sure what to do.  He awkwardly watched then stopped, cleaned up, watched a little more, and then made a hasty exit.

When the otter guy left, I grabbed Latin dude's ass.  He knew what was up.  I pushed him back into bed and used the hotel lotion to lube up his ass and my cock.  I was teasing his hole, trying to work him up to loosening up for me when we heard another knock on the door.

"That's the other guy..." I said, regretfully stopping to get the door.

"Another guy?!" he asked.  He was only expecting one other guy.  "I think we should stick to jerking."

Damn.  Ha!  I'm patient though.  I get to this town often and I'm sure we're gonna reconnect.

I let Mediterranean kid in and he was all apologetic.

"Sorry, I'm late.  I'm just down the street but the GPS took me to the wrong place and-" I interrupted him silently by yanking on his clothes.  I was on a time crunch afterall.  We can talk about it later.  Felt kinda sleazy since he was being pretty bashful and shy, chatting in a conversationally gossipy tone while I'm pawing at him.

Nice kid with a decent body.  Not worked out, just natural.  Natural bush, naturally hairy crack.  Beautiful cock that lengthened to a downward curve.  He ended up making me look rather small.  In fact, all three guys were pretty big.  Young, but mature looking.  But also pretty new to everything.  He had previously told me it'd be his first time playing with another guy.  The Latin dude and I both picked up on how...  pliable he was.  But I was pretty protective of him.  I didn't want to push him into anything he'd regret later.  I'm pretty sure that if I had more time and if I didn't put a stop to it, we'd be spit roasting him and pumping him with a couple of raw loads.  But we stuck to jerking off.  Both Latin dude and I paying the kid a lot of attention, feeling up his ass, licking his nips.  We used the mini bottles of lotion as lube.

I ended up shooting first.  The Latin dude shortly after.  And the kid was nowhere near close.  But he kept grabbing onto us though.  He didn't want it to end.  And then he sheepishly looked up at Latin dude and asked, "Could I put it in my mouth?  Just for a quick second?"

With a chuck, the Latin guy said, "Have at it."

"Am I doing it, okay?"  I'm not sure if it was just insecurity being his first time or the fact that Latin dude was only half chubbed up.  I mean, he did just shoot just moments before...

"Man, it feels really great."

And the kid looked up and beamed with pride...  Even though, after the Latin dude left, the Mediterranean kid grinned at me and noted that the hotel lotion tastes really, really bad.


Explorer Jack said...

Wow, great story (again)

Left me more than half chubbed up.

Bruce Chang said...

Just more than half? Good! Now I have something to aim for!

Not Alone said...

Three. Hot!

Bruce Chang said...

Yup! And all three want a repeat!