Monday, November 16, 2015

Dirty daddy

I felt a little dirty, but also a little special.

The married cub that I play with is showing me pics of his newborn.  And then his two boys.  A beautiful family.  Not surprised at the prolific progeny since his fat seven inch cock shoots a big load. He's a skilled top that knows how to hit it deep.  I know from personal experience.  In fact, as we're talking about his family, I'm trying hard to keep his load in my ass, 'cause I know it's gonna leak down my leg if we don't wrap up our conversation soon.  And I'm wondering if he's feeling it too with my load up his ass as well.

We just flip fucked and loaded each other and here we are having a rather casual conversation about family.  I guess it came about since he no longer works near me.  If we're gonna meet up, we're gonna have to do it at his place now.  He'll be working closer to home and I'd have to sneak over to his house while the kids are at daycare.  A quick nooner.

I think he's pretty comfortable with me now.  We've shared a couple of fuck buds, spit roasting them, double penetration, the works.  I especially love fucking in his cum.  It's been well over a year.  And the raw sexual energy he has with the bottoms we share is completely different than when we play one-on-one.  Instead of fucking a hole, we're trying to turn each other on until one of us finally pants like a bitch in heat begging for dick.  And so I'm thinking about that.  That and how fuckin' hot this guy is.  Greying at the temples.  Pretty soft spoken, a stark contrast to his personality in the bedroom.  An Ohio boy with freckles all over his shoulders and back.  Cute but fucking wild as hell.

And so he lets his guard down and accepts me into his circle a bit.  Kinda special.  But so fuckin' dirty too.  Cause I'm staring at his pics but thinking about his leaking load getting fucked back into me.


FelchingPisser said...

Oh, I love hearing about a load dripping out of you...

He sounds like a great part of your stable.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, he's a good guy. We left a guy thoroughly fucked out saying, "You guys look so unassuming and mild-mannered but holy fuck, you got me good". And it's a bonus that I get to play with yet a different dimension of him on top of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,

Now that is a hot story! I always love to read about flip-fuckers and spit-roasting and hot little daddies, and this post has them all! Thank you for a satisfying wake-up call this morning!

Paul, NYC

Bruce Chang said...

It feels so weird calling him a daddy. It's one of those words where it means two very completely different things in my head. In his case, I think both apply but then I'm like hey... I think I'm older than him. Ha!