Thursday, November 19, 2015

The expert hookup type

I guess an innocent reader would catch the headline and read it as "collecting rain to smell" but I don't think anyone on Grindr would be that innocent.  No mistaking what those raindrops and pig snout emojis meant.  Unapologetically efficient and direct, he sent me body and ass pics within the first couple messages.  Gave me the room number to his hotel in a few following that.  And he had no qualms about telling me I'd be load #4.  And as awkward as some guys are about a hookup, there are others that run the other extreme.

I was pushing the door open to his room within a half an hour of the first message.  Older than I expected, but the pictures were his.  Same slim body.  Same fuzzy chest.  Tiny waist and a big bubble butt that made me start to stiffen up before I even got my hands to my belt buckle.  He was waiting in a dark hotel room with porn playing on his laptop, his phone close by with grindr fired up and lube right next to him.  And he was tiny.  He was kneeling on the ottoman bent over the edge of the bed lining up the next load before I even got started.  And as impersonal as that was, the fact that he was on an ottoman was the opposite.  He knew the bed would be to high and his height made feet flat on the floor awkward.  The ottoman gave his ass the perfect height to line up and just shove in.

I thought the lube would be unnecessary.  I was the fourth guy there, after all, but fuck I needed it.  He has a talented ass, knowing just how to milk a cock.  Tight on the outstroke, looser on the way in.  And walls of heat that just seems to soak in any precum I may given him immediately.  I could easily have lost my load within the first minute, but I grabbed his ass and just marveled at it.  Two perfect globes sucking me in.  I hammered him hard enough for him to beg me to go easy on him just to keep on going and to push even deeper.  Then long dicked in.  Pushed all the way in and pulled all the way out to see if I could drag some cum with it.  He kept it all inside him, the fucker.

I gave him what he wanted.  Another load.  Didn't even kick off my shoes and only had taken off my shirt because it was getting in the way of the fuck.

He messages me later saying that he got a total of 8 that night.  And we continued to chat about our hometowns and the best places to fuck.  Two fellow pigs comparing notes.  It took him awhile to ask, but he wanted me over again.  That night or the next.  Seems like even the most experienced and even the most impersonal sometimes want to extend an experience, extend the strings that bond us together.  Even if it's just ever so slightly.


Not Alone said...

You slut! :) No really, these are the best type of hookups. Wish I could bare back like that. I am too nervous about it.

Explorer Jack said...

Okay. I'm still baffled. Collecting rain to smell?

Bruce Chang said...

Me? A slut? I'm honored! Thanks! ;-)
The headline read "Collecting "